1. bobby786

    Dispatching Materials details output as plain Text

    Dear All Excel Experts , My job requires me to send Text message to our vendors to dispatch the materials which contains the following information Supplier Name : Longzhen Model NO : S25 Material Name : Colorbox Qty : 500 pcs Address: Room 505 , Commercial Plaza , 104 Road , Unit 2 , Baoan...
  2. C

    Matching cells, adding blank lines

    Hello, I've got an idea for a spreadsheet but am not sure where to get started. I have two tabs (Tab A and Tab B); each tab contains materials for a job. Each group of materials "A" column is the system into which the material was taken off. I would like to have all of my column A from Tab A...
  3. U

    How do I automatically count the finished goods of raw Materials?

    I have raw materials. I want to be able to get the finished goods total from the raw material reference. the raw material is in another tab. I am desperate. Any help is appreciated.
  4. U


    I have raw materials that go into several finished goods. I will like a formula where I can input several Raw Materials and I get the count of the finished goods. I think a count if formular will work, but I am not sure.
  5. J

    Data quantity calculations & summary across multiple tabs

    I have a workbook for budgeting construction projects. Each element of a project gets its own tab (for example, walls, roof, floor, etc.). Within each of those tabs the user chooses a category of material from a drop down menu, then the actual material from a second drop down menu. Those drop...
  6. M

    Macro or formula for tracking raw materials

    Hello, I am not sure if what I want to create is possible but any assistance or guidance in the right direction will be very much appreciated. I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will allow me to track the aluminum and drywall needed in the fabrication of certain frames that we make. The...
  7. M

    Tracking aluminum quantities

    Hello, New to this forum and thanking you in advance for any assistance you can offer. This is what I am attempting to do: Me and my husband recently opened a small shop to fabricate aluminum frames. The orders are starting to come in and I am trying to come up with a system that will allow me...
  8. szita2000

    The "Burger" question

    Hi All. It is the end of Friday and my Brain just mushy. :banghead: Here is what I am trying to figure out. Background: At work we have machines that are using raw materials. Some of them only uses 1, others 2,3, 4 blend of raw materials. Each machine uses different amount from each material...
  9. J

    query help on calculations

    Have three tables: Project, materials w/qty and material cost. Project and materials have a relationship. I want to build a query where the info from these two tables can show the info and the material used will go to the material cost table find the cost of that material multiply it with the...
  10. O

    VBA Resources

    Hi, I'm new here, I would love to get resources on VBA - very resourceful analytical materials, thanks guys
  11. T

    Auto Population of a summary list

    Hi I currently have a workbook that contains several sheets which has data relating to materials I require. I have one sheet that collects all of this data and will display a summary of the materials I require but currently I have it listing all of the materials for anything, even the ones I...
  12. M

    If a range contains value greater than zero then are those cells on corresponding rows also containing values greater/equal to zero

    Hi, I'm struggling with ranges, check if you could help me out: If a range contains value greater than zero then are those cells on corresponding rows also containing values greater/equal to zero. What I want to achieve here is to check whether a ProductX that has demand: Also has all the raw...
  13. M

    Need Help Linking Primary and Foreign Key

    Hi there, I am new to Access and haven't used query before, so explaining things in query to me is probably a bit useless. Anyway, I want the ProductID's to show up in my Employee field, but I am having trouble doing so. I was able to achieve this in my Materials table with Employee ID, which...
  14. A

    Excel hanging or stuck while calculating a heap of formulas Dear Excel Ninjas The above link excel sheet with the formulation which I'm using to maintain our company details since 2015 to till date. (Pivot table and Pivot charts not included as it is a model sheet created with...
  15. C

    Vba copy tabs into an existing workbook

    hi all, So my question is, I have and two tabs ("Materials" and "Delivery") I would like to import into and existing workbook we use for quotations. the tab "Materials" work perfectly under the code below: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 'Read Data Dim wsname As String Dim hours As...
  16. A

    Multiple values returned based on two conditions in a matrix

    Struggling with this one - I have a matrix/grid type setup for an entire product ranges' bills of materials. What I want to do is return every named instance of an individual raw material, based on matching a part number. In addition, it needs to return said raw material name only if the usage...
  17. D

    Macros Stop Working

    Hi board; An application opens with a dialog that lets the user select a folder to work in, then copies some materials workbooks of one worksheet each and one master workbook that lets users select as many materials as needed and include it in the master workbook. They edit the materials as...
  18. I

    Creating a repeating (?) vlookup table for raw materials

    Hello. I just tried posting this but got an error. Apologies for any possible double post. I want to achieve the following. User selects the item they want in A1 (dropdown menu), called ITEM1 In the second sheet, there are tables with the following properties such as ITEMS MATERIALS...
  19. C

    Autofilter is not filtering.

    Hello, Novice level with excel, so please excuse me if I missing something very simple. I have sheet Mraw containing all my data. I have sheet Materials where I want the filtered data to be shown. I have the following macro code working of a command button. Sub FINDMAT()...
  20. C

    Filter by Customer and select 20 Materials

    Hi Guys, I would like to request your help with this macro. I tried several times but I'm not sure how to do that . I need to filter for a customer and select 20 materials minimum for each one. Note : I have around 100 different customers Customer Materials...

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