maximum range

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    VBA to set maximum scale on chart secondary scale only

    So I tried to research this online and found loads of vba to set all the settings and thought my cut down version below would work, and it didn't! I keep getting a system error &H80070057 (-2147024809) Sub ScaleAxes() Worksheets("PM and Programme view").Select...
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    created table of Refs and lookup maximum for repeated references.

    Hi everyone. I've been having a few serious problems with excel and given I'm rather new to it all I'm really unsure how to figure things out. I've been searching the internet for a way to solve my problem and everything I have tried hasn't worked. I'm unsure which combination of match...
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    Maximum range for sum() function?

    I am trying to sum 44,582 cells in a column, the values in all of them are either 0 or 1, but I always get a value of 0. It works when I bring this right down to 1000 or 1500 cells but it can't seem to sum the entire range. This is Excel 2004 for Mac OSX Version 11.3.5 Any help appreciated...

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