1. J

    How to pass UDF with ParamArray to a Range?

    I have two functions from one of the threads in MrExcel forum. Function Mini(ParamArray values() As Variant) As Variant Dim minValue, Value As Variant minValue = values(0) For Each Value In values If Value < minValue Then minValue = Value Next Mini = minValue End Function...
  2. T

    VBA problems with finding max values en copying names to a different worksheet.

    Hi guys, My name is Tim and I am new to this Forum. I experience a lot of trouble while designing my first code in Excel VBA. The problem is as following: in column B(worksheet 1), I inserted the names of some students. in column C, I inserted the marks of the corresponding students (see table...
  3. JenniferMurphy

    Can a UDF access the value in a named worksheet cell?

    Suppose in Sheet1, I have given the cell C4 the name "MaxValue" and MaxValue (C4) contains the value "100". Is there a way that a UDF called from any cell in Sheet1 can access the value in C4 using the name MaxValue without passing it as an argument? I am working on a UDF that needs a bunch of...

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