1. D

    PowerPivot - Measures & Calculations - Reference sum of value for variable in column

    Hello everyone. I'm not good at explaining stuff, but I'll give it a ago, since I'm stuck - I've included pictures, since it's troublesome to describe in text - I hope that's okay :) I have a data-sheet, from which I've created the pivot table shown below, displaying amongst other things...
  2. C

    RELATED lookup with text values

    I am struggling to set up a measure in Excel to look up a text value from a dimension table based on a key in a fact table. I am using Power Query to import tables from a variety of data sources as connections, so there is no literal table in the spreadsheet. My fact table is CourseCompletions...
  3. I

    Enable filters to affect a cumulative measure

    Hi, I've created various measures to help try and show a baseline plan of implementation versus actual, which works as expected when there's no filters applied. However, when I apply a filter, none of the measures update and instead continue to show the full, 'unfiltered', values. I have tried...
  4. G

    Creating Measures (or DAX?) in Power Pivot

    Hello, I'm looking for some guidance with if and how I could use measures to help me create some enhanced pivot tables. I have detailed a couple of specific questions in the document here (in red text in the Sheet: Pivot Test): s666-PQ-Impact system 2019.11.15a-ver4.xlsx But to summarise I'm...
  5. M

    Compare and count similarities 2 measures

    Hi Guys, I cant get this done and some help would be awesome. I've got 2 measures. 1st measure calculates count of ID's based on certain filters 2nd measure does the same I want to know if there are same ID's in both measures and count the similarities. I already tried to do something...
  6. M

    Formatting OLAP Pivot Table Measures via VBA...

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of applying formats to pivot table measures conditionally based on their name? For example, if my measure has a (£) in its name, then apply a currency format, else apply a simple numeric format. I've done this kind of thing successfully with ordinary pivot...
  7. S

    Sort DAX measures random sort

    Hi, I just opened my Excel workbook and noticed all my DAX measures that were sorted into columns are now in a random order. I've seen this before and moved them only to find them just thrown back into a random order. Any thought how to sort them again and avoid this. Thanks
  8. texasalynn

    Formula help

    This seems like it should be an easy solution, but my brain is having a freeze. I have a dataset that only allows me to create measures. I need a DAX that would let me create a revenue field if the customer name begins with I/C. Any suggestions?
  9. B

    Trying to find worst and best measures from a list containing duplicates

    I am trying to do something that should be simple, by my brain is having a dumb block. I have a table of sites showing their ranking for various performance measures. I just want to create a list showing which is their best and worst measures, but I'm getting confused where they may be the same...
  10. M

    Can a Measure create more than one value?

    Hello and thank you in advance if you can help, I am VERY new to using measures. I am using Excel 2019 on a PC. I have created some measures that will give me a distinct count of species in a query/dataset, as well as a distinct count of blocks. My data has fields/columns for All Regions...
  11. B

    Power Pivot Measure Assistance

    I am attempting to become more efficient with a process I do monthly by utilizing Power Pivot (which is new to me) verse excel and multiple formulas. All of my data is in one table and I'm attempting to replicate the formulas that have been created for use in excel for use in Power Pivot...
  12. S

    One Date Slicer for Multiple Date Fields

    I am using Power Query and Power Pivot. I have a list of support tickets with dates opened and dates closed. I want a pivot table to count the number of tickets opened for a month and number of tickets closed for the month. When I create a slicer for each, it has to be two separate slicers. An...
  13. R

    Conditional Formatting in Power BI

    Hi I am starting to play with Power BI and am trying to do some conditional formatting on a matrix. The measure that I have written works but has hard-coded values. The conditional formatting itself is being done on the measure using the rules of if value is 0 then colour white, if 1 then...
  14. G

    Cant select my fields for use in measures?

    I have some data in the data model, and when I go into the measures to create a new one, the tables/columns etc are not pulling up as choices to use hen start typing them. I thought well maybe my query was broken so I physically copied the spreadsheet into the workbook and tried adding to the...
  15. S

    Pivot table based on a pivot table table

    Hi, is it possible to create a pivot table based on the results of another pivot table. I have an inventory table that has items and a measure that calculates slow movers and fast movers based on how many units are sold each week. I then pull the information from the powerpivot table into a...
  16. M

    Chicken and Egg - Altering Measures when Data Changes

    I'm looking for a best practice as to how to handle changing measures when your source data changes. We're in a (continual) fact-finding mode with our data. The extracts from our various ERP systems are complex, such that the names and logic of columns can change as we slice 'n' dice and come...
  17. G

    Using measures to create columns in pivot table without helper columns in model

    In my current role I am using Excel 2010 with PowerPivot One of the reports I produce is a tabular pivot table with one row for every row in the source table. Instead of dragging multiple columns into the row labels area, thus slowing an already slow environment, I am using measures to show the...
  18. C

    New power query table loaded to data model not visible in Pivot Table fields window

    Per the title, I can see the added table in the Measure Edit window, and I can see it in the Power Pivot window, I can create a measure that accesses it's columns, but I can't see the table or the measure in the PivotTable Fields window, even if I select ALL. Has anyone else seen this type of...
  19. A

    Excel to Power BI

    Hi, currently I work in excel, power pivot. Here I have added a number of measures and calculated columns. I would like to continue working in Power BI. If I load the current file via "get data", I only have the original data. Is there a way to add the already-written measuers and...
  20. P

    Measures Total not Summing

    Hi All: I am relatively new to DAX and having issues arriving at a total for a measure. The measure is: Result:=DIVIDE([Value], [Factor]) [Value] and [Factor] are two measures calculated in the model and work fine and trying to achieve Result by dividing one by the other. Result total shows...

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