1. W

    Help needed with MedianIF

    Hi all, I'm pulling my hair out trying to get a medianIF to work.I have two columns, one with time stamps (E), and the other with an elapsed time SUM calculation in it(F). I want to find the median of all the values in F, which are in a custom date format of [HH]:MM:SS but also exclude any...
  2. M

    I've got a real tough one here. Need countifs & some weird combo of index/match ?

    Hi everyone, Let me first start off by saying that this is my first post here on the forum. I've lurked for a while now and answered all of my questions via the helpful and extremely courteous nature of everyone responding to others plea's for help. I'm unfortunately stumped beyond reason here...
  3. E


    Hi, Can anyone help with the correct format for using MEDIAN IF and (I THINK) AND formulas? Essentially i want to calculate the median based on multiple 'if' statements. I can get it to work for one 'if' but not any more... {=MEDIAN(IF(A1="10" ............ , $AD:$AD))} How do i add more IF...
  4. J

    Calculating Median if Passes Logic Test

    Hello, I am stumped! I need help to calculate the median value in Column B if Date in Column A is within a certain month. For Instance: A B 1 1/1/2014 34 2 2/5/2014 45 3 1/27/2014 15 4 1/15/2014 7 5 2/27/2014 15 The median for January would be 15. I thought...
  5. D

    Median If searching for characters within text

    I have a median if statement that works as long as the text I'm searching for is exact --> {=median(if(C:C="DQ",I:I))} My problem is that column C has some cells that contain other characters besides D & Q, and I would like to count them, too -- for instance "DEQ" or "ADEQ", etc. I'd like to...
  6. P

    How to rewrite an AVERAGEIF to "MEDIANIF"....

    Hello - I am currently using the new AVERAGEIF function in Excel 2011 (for Mac) with a dynamic range and it works perfectly. It is listed below...
  7. S

    Struggling with MEDIANIF, get #NUM!

    On Excel for Mac 2011 I have a median if array (am using C-S-E) that works for about 5 of my criteria, but when I add in my last criteria, it goes to #NUM!. I know I am missing something basic, and that #NUM! is a clue for where I am going wrong, but can't figure it out... So I have for...
  8. B

    median if- returning 0

    Hey guys, The following array formula returns 0. Any Ideas why? =MEDIAN(IF('textexport(1)'!$O:$O=Sheet3!A2,'textexport(1)'!$P:$P,)) Since pivot tables do not have a median option I have all the days (1/1/2005-12/31/2011) in column A and want the median for each. If anyone has a suggestion...
  9. B

    Median based on criteria of another cell

    {=MEDIAN(IF('textexport(2)'!J:J>0,'textexport(2)'!F:F))} I keep receiving 0 when using this formula. I want to take the median of values in column F if the corresponding values in colum J are above 0. Any ideas why this does not work.
  10. J

    medianif -- unsure of how to specify multiple criteria within this formula

    Hi, I'm using this formula to get a medianif. So I'm successfully using it for finding one criteria match (a match between one column of data and one row). I need to expand it to be able to match several options within its column HE matching. Is it possible to do without majorly re-doing the...
  11. Y

    Medianif Array Question

    Hi guys, I would greatly appreciate your help with an array formula I am writing. I'm a complete novice so excuse me if this is really trivial. The logic: Median of "birth age", if in the "birth unit" range the birth unit equals to "one of the units in this range". "Birth Age" is found...
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