1. V

    Delete all sheets that meets my critera without prompt

    I'm looking for a script to delete any sheets that meets the following critera and without promtp: If sheets contains the text: "PrixMax" "6po" "Quote" Then deleted them Sheet name can be "PrixMax-250", "6po-Viny", "Quote-101018" Along with those sheets, my workbook contains a "Master" sheets...
  2. S

    Filter based on a calculated value?

    Hello I am using Excel 2010. I want to calculate the 90th percentile length of stay (which I already can do ) but then show the top 10 diagnoses that are >= that value. How do I filter a pivot table referencing the singular ED LOS to compare if it meets the criteria of >=? Thanks.
  3. R

    VBA to filterout #N/A If not

    Hi all, I have the below macro wherein it will filter the value apart from #N/A and delete the entire row but i need to release the filter if the below doesn't meets the requirement. Please assist:):) Worksheets("code").Activate Range("$A$1:$BE$10").AutoFilter Field:=28, Criteria1:="<>#N/A"...
  4. M

    Find N/A and fill same "N/A in next available blank cells

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Holdings - - Duration N/A N/A N/A Meets Expectation N/A - - Meets Expectation Meets Expectation - - Meets Expectation N/A - - Meets Expectation </tbody> "There is N/A under Holdings and I filled N/A in next columns manually, before...
  5. G

    macro if statement

    Hello again, i want to create a macro that will compute the rating. when I run the macro and click the button, I receive Run-time Error '13': Type Mismatch when I try to run the code. Debug highlights the 'IF' statements, but I can't figure out where the mistake is. Any help would be...
  6. JenniferMurphy

    Curve fitting problem

    I know this is technically not an Excel question, but there are a lot of people here with better math skills than mine, so I hope this is OK. I would like to find a family of functions, f(x,m), that meets these conditions: Maps the domain (0,10) onto the same range and is continuous over that...
  7. C

    If Statement >2 Criteria Delete Row

    If Worksheet.(Sheet1).Cells(i,"AA").Value = "False" And _ Worksheet.(Sheet1).Cells(i,"AB").Value = "False" And _ Worksheet.(Sheet1).Cells(i, "AC").Value = "False" Then _ Then how to I say delete that row if it meets all those requirements. This is what I have now. Dim Lastrow As Long...
  8. T

    Formula to find index of first value that meets a condition, starting from bottom of a range.

    I want to determine how many rows back (from bottom) of a range that you have to go, to find the first value that meets a condition (condition might be >, <, or =). The values in the range are not sorted. So, if A1:A8 contains: 1, 10, 100, 45, 75, 200, 5, 88 These are the answers i want...
  9. N

    customizable dates formula

    I am trying to build a general course calendar that would work for any course whether it meets 3 days a week, one day a week or last 16 weeks. In order to get the class dates listed in column A, I wanted to see if there was formula that would build this list if there was an input of data like...
  10. P

    trying to shorten an if statement - must be some other function

    I'm using =if(d3*e3/f3+g3<>0,d3*e3/f3+g3,0) Isn't there something similar to iferror(x,0) - that simply returns x as long as x is not an error. A number of times - I need to test if something meets some condition and if it does I just want that value returned and if not I want a zero - but...
  11. C

    Only first part of nested IF formula is working

    I am using a nested IF formula as such: =IF(A1="","7G Enterprises LLC",if(a1=””,”City of Ann Green”,if(a1=””,”Abonaire Consultants”,” “))) Dragging this formula down the column, it will work and populate a cell with "7G Enterprises, LLC" if it meets the first...
  12. M

    A formula that meets all conditions

    I'm trying to create a formula that meets all the conditions. Below is table that I manually enter data into. [/URL][/IMG] I'm trying to create a formula for each cell in the below table that will meet these conditions: Looks in the PAD column for either 34H or 81G etc. Then is it...

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