1. N

    Releasing memory while adding new images

    Maybe a silly topic, but I'm still novice and quite unsure about some details. I have a Userform. Left side column has the menu, consisting of 7 options/"buttons". Those buttons are actually images which change when their area is hovered. E.g. they are originally blue, the hovered state is...
  2. V

    How to clear out cache

    I'm getting this problem "OUT OF MEMORY", when I run my vba. My vba basically takes various things from a online csv which grabs time, year, # of ad clicks, weather, and, it takes it from there and pastes it into my document every 5 seconds or so. So I have an up-to-date dashboard of...
  3. M

    Not Enough Memory Error Doing Basic Pasting Between Tabs

    I have a problem with a new laptop, whereby when I try to paste a filtered sheet into another sheet, which is something I do all the time and is a big part of my workflow. My system is an i7 9th Gen with 32 Gig of Ram and brand new and I have more than 20 gig of memory free when I encounter...
  4. mikerickson

    New computer, new Office

    Hi folks, I bought myself a new Mac Book. My old Office 2011 is out of installs and it looks like Office 2019 is where I'm going. But I do have a couple of questions. Does anyone who has experience with 2019 know if: 1) does it support VBA (in memory of 2008 :) ) 2) is the MacScript command...
  5. J

    Setting Userform textbox value from Worksheet_Change

    Hi, The following works fine (I'm currently using Userform1 with vbModeless) Userform1.Textbox1.Value = Target I just want to know what affect this has when the Userform hasn't been loaded. It seems nothing happens but is it using memory? Or a bad idea? Can I check whether the Userform is...
  6. S

    Maximum Size for a 2 dimensional array

    Hi - Been a while, but I'm hoping to find a way to fix a limitation on a reconciliation tool I designed a while back to compare two extracts from an SQL database. In particular I'm having trouble on memory limitations when Resizing a Variant array: ReDim Ukey(1 To MyDict.Count, 1 To ((H - 1)...
  7. L

    Keeping array values after macro run

    Hey guys, I have a project that I'm making and it contains 3 arrays. Once i run the macro, all the actions are done, but the array is not erased, if i re-run the macro the values inside keep doubling(keeps old values and adds them again). I am using erase at the end of the last sub now to make...
  8. C

    How to Obtain "Available Memory" Number with VBA?

    Is there a way to obtain/calculate (or approximate) the "Available Memory" Number shown in Task Manager using VBA? Thanks.
  9. B

    Make worksheet run more efficient?

    Hi, I use a worksheet that is mostly pics of several hundred small charts and lines with text descriptions of each. It is currently using about 460MB of memory, but the pics will increase as time goes by with updates. Are there any "tricks" I can use to help it run more efficient and use less...
  10. L

    Question about memory usage in excel

    I have a grade book for a school. It is shared online for teachers and staff to use/edit. Due to the number of formulas it can get kind of bogged down. So I am looking to save some processing power and accomplish the same task. A teacher enters a percent in cell then the cell below has a...
  11. L

    Excel Out of Memory on Closing

    Hi guys, I have a workbook that uses large sets of data ~8000rows and counting, and whenever I close this work book, Excel gives me the "Out of Memory" pop-up, once I click okay it pops up again, and again... The only way to fix it is to close all my workbooks. > I have Formulas that use...
  12. P

    "Out of Memory" when I try to run a web query

    I have a brand new Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop (purchased August 3, 2018 ... 8th Gen Intel Core 13-8130U, 6GB RAM Memory, etc.). The only thing I use the computer for is to surf the Internet and work on a college football spreadsheet. Specifically I run web query(s) in Excel to bring box scores...
  13. J

    Out of Memory when loading huge range into an array

    I am comparing the used range on every worksheet on two workbooks to find cells that were changed. Some of these worksheets have a massive range: A$1:$CD$1048575 When I try to load this into an array, I get and Out of Memory error. Is there anyway around this?
  14. A

    vba to show images in comment box causing Out of Memory

    Hi, I have some VBA to take a path from the 2nd column and show an image for the cell that has been clicked using the comment box to display the image It looks great, hopefully others can use it if this error gets cleared up Example sheet <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> ML053 </tbody>...
  15. P

    How to clear excel memory

    I am using Excel 2016 as a means to capture data from a piece of equipment that has a web IP address/USB port. If I use a web browser, the URL would be and would get back a response <int< font=""> xmlns:trane="</int<>trane:evox"...
  16. C

    UserForm Level Variables Scope Question

    I have several variables declared at the top of my UserForm (outside of any procedure), some of them are ranges, ListObjects, and PivotTables. Is it necessary to use Set variable = nothing before closing the UserForm to remove them from memory, or will they automatically go out of scope when...
  17. V

    Insufficient memory when closing unnecessary workbook!?

    Hey guys, I'm getting an inexplicable memory error while trying to optimize my code. My macro is pretty big and totally not optimized, but it shouldn't be exceeding the limits of this computer quite yet. Even stranger so: the error only occurs when trying to close an unnecessary workbook...
  18. E

    Clear Memory Cache

    Hi, I have a workbook with lots of code and formulas, one of which copies data from another workbook, which used to work quite quick, but is now painfully slow Is there a code to clear the cached memory that I can call against my different codes to copy data? many thanks for any help
  19. H

    Out of Memory Error

    I am getting an out of memory error when after closing the workbook in the following code. I have an Add-in that opens another workbook and runs other code which opens a form and allows the user to interact. When the form is closed the workbook closes and doesn't save per the code below. As...
  20. H

    Out of Memory....caused by "Save"!?!?

    Hi all, I have an unusual VBA Out of Memory Error. I have a spreadsheet which I have restored from backup, which opens fine, behaves fine, and does all it should (it contains about 10 modules, none of which is bigger than 64kb). It contains a couple of very small forms. It also contains about...

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