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    Tips on Optimizing Memory Use by Excel Books

    Quick Summary: Is it possible to simulate closing Excel and opening Excel from within a workbook using a Macro? Some Details: Basically I have a workbook which runs and when it is done I see that the memory use (in the Ctrl+alt+del system tasks section) for Excel is at 1,250MB. It won't let...
  2. J

    hidden files

    I opened a memory stick on a XP system does evcel store any of the data anywhere ofter the memory stick is removed, files where saved back to the memory stick at that time thanks
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    Help with Excel VBA project using a folder of text files as relational database

    This is a bit complicated...<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Basically I have recaps (excel based reports) which run every wednesday. They are typically approx 1000 rows x 70 columns. One of the columns is usually "ID#" which...
  4. C

    Freeze, whitescreen - memory problem?

    Hello, all. MS-Office apps 2003, Windows XP, 1 Gig RAM. On an annoyingly regular basis, my Excel (and Word for that matter) apps will freeze and go totally whitescreen for a good minute or two. It happens when I close (not open) IE (7 in this case) or other foreign app, or switch from one...
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    How to deallocate memory in Excel 2007?

    I have some macros that I have setup to continuously run under Excel 2007. Among other things, the macros connect to a webpage and import data from there, also import data from local HTML files and from other workbooks. The macros run 24/7, unattended, on a dedicated machine. Now everything...
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    Too much thinking going on

    I have an excel workbook with 400 rows of data 40 columns wide. I need to be able to view the data in a paredo chart. This data is updated monthly so the chart will need to be updated once the data has been cut and paste. I have tried it 2 ways-building 400 tabs with VLOOKUPS to gather the data...

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