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    MAC Workbook Autofit REMOVES my DOCK and hides top menu bar - How can I STOP these from happening?

    This is my first post here. I'm using a MAC with OSX El Capitan and Office 2011. I believe the newest update of Office or the new OSX upgrade made these changes to the Excel program. I've looked at all the possible preferences to remedy the problem but can't seem to find any solutions. 1 ) When...
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    Menu bar in excel vba user form

    hi friends, I want to create a menu bar in excel vba user from containing 6 menu and per menu approx 5 items viz in file menu save, save as like wise. can you have any example or file to help me. it will help me in creating utility. currently i have created 2 menu items but that also giving error.
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    Loss of TITLE and MENU Bar

    Hello, I have lost both my Title and Menu Bar from Excel. Mind you it looks good but not practical. After having tied to decipher it through Help, I came across this odd paragraph that has stumped me: ".... you can quickly add and remove buttons and menus on the menu bar<NBSP />— but you can't...

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