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  1. Fida_mutia

    Disable and enable one of excel functions in ribbon menu.

    Hey, I wanna know how to disable one of excel functions in the ribbon menu? And how to enable it again? For example, I want to disable the pivot table function so that I can't create pivot table in my worksheet. Also I want to know how to enable the pivot table function again. That's all my...
  2. A

    Looking for Comprehensive List of Menu Commands Rather than Just the Shortcuts

    I have found hundreds of Shorcuts like Ctrl+S for Excel 2010, but I have not been able to find a list at Microsoft for menu commands. In the case of Ctrl+S, a menu command would be Alt,F,S. I know people call them all shortcuts, but in my point of view, a shortcut is one key combination with no...
  3. E

    Context menus

    Is it possible to define custom menus when right-click is used. I have a sheet where I want to allow the user to right click on a cell and get a set of custom options. Thanks Steve
  4. BartH

    Eventhandler VBE

    Hello, In this post ( Tom Schreiner shows us a variation on Chip Pearson's VBE explanation, to run a procedure with a custom made command in the VBE menu or toolbar. I am experimenting with this and run into the following problem: I want to...
  5. T

    Macros showing up in Tools menu

    An Excel 2003 question: I am revising a couple of spreadsheets for a client. And one thing is driving me batty. When either of the files is opened, certain VBA macros appear in the tools menu. I cannot find a macro sheet with any macro that accesses any toolbars. There does not seem to be...

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