merging files

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    Merging spreadsheets using a macro

    I have 3 excel sheets, listed below, I need to merge them into a new spreadsheet 'Master_Signups & Testing'. The 3 different spreadsheets below contain the same columns but the information in the rows are different and new rows are always being added. Is there a way to add a macro to...
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    Merging multiple excel files into one.

    Hi, I have about 70 excel file that share the same column headers and would like to know if there's an easy/fast way of adding them automatically into 1 single master file? Thank you.
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    Need help: Combining two excels with same first name string into one excel with two worksheet

    Hello Everyone, I have multiple excel files in a folder with names "A 08-24-16 File1", "A 08-24-16 File2", "B 08-24-16 File1", "B 08-24-16 File2", etc.. I need help with VBA/Macro to combine two excels with same first name (in this case all A together, then all B together) with the output name...
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    Workbook Split and Re-Unification

    So I need a bit of help with an existing macro. I need to split a workbook's multiple worksheets into multiple files (not based on worksheet name). The project: It deals with very sensitive HR/performance data, and I need to send 1000s of employees' data to their individual managers (about 100...
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    Merging different versions

    I have a requirement to prompt a user to select 2 files from a defined default LAN directory. File1 is a excel 2010 .xlsx file File2 is a .csv file File1 contains multiple tabs named Tab1, Tab2, Tab3 ... Tab(N). File2 contains some header infomation followed by multiple rows of data and some...
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    Combining spreadsheets.

    Hi all, As always there are several solution to a problem so I am interested to see what others would do in the following situation: Let's assume I have five spreadsheets with the same layout; the contents refers to different countries and I would like to add them all together in a new...
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    copy multiple excel files in a workbook as sheets

    Hi, I need to copy individual excel files and create a single workbook with each file as a worksheet tab. the original files have only one worksheet each. Is there any way to automate this process, since I need to do this on a weekly basis with around 20 files? If this has already been...

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