1. I

    Looping vba code until all relevant data ends?

    Hello. I have this VBA code that identifies route codes in one sheet in a workbook (pickorder). Then in another workbook (CX) it identifies those same route codes and gets the value (times) in 1 row below and pastes it into column A in the first workbook (pickorder). The code works really well...
  2. R


    Hi, below is a partial formula. How can I count the number of AND criteria's that are met? (AND(CFW$16=2,CFW48=1),AND(CUI$16=2,CUI48=1),AND(DIU$16=2,DIU48=1)) I just need a 1 for one AND criteria, 2 for two AND criteria's, and 3 for three AND criteria's. Thank you, David
  3. G

    Copy rows from one sheet to another based on value Hi, I've been working on this for a while. I have info from one tab that I'm looking to have transferred to another sheet based on if the criteria is met. Anyone able to help me out? Copy the whole row to another sheet if criteria...
  4. R

    Event codes with two conditions

    Hi, Can you please help me get an event code with two conditions to generate a message for two scenarios as follows? 1) I am trying to translate this formula into VBA: IF(AND($A1="Home",$B1="School"),"Invalid Combination","") I want the event code to check these conditions for rows 1 to 20. I...
  5. K

    How do I take a total value and reduce the value of a cell and move to next until the total is met?

    It's difficult to describe, but could be considered something like a first in first out calculator. There must be an easier way to do this than manual subtraction. For this example the total inventory is 7500, I Would like to find how much was under 25, and if the total isn't met then move to...
  6. S

    Time met and converting it to %

    Hi There! Help is definitely appreciated on this one! I have a spreadsheet that has a “loaded trailer time“ and a “cut off time“ of when the trailers should be done. I have to show on a daily how many trailers met that time cut off and represent it as a %. Please please help
  7. K

    Nested IF Then statements

    Hi- I have a spreadsheet (below) where I am trying to say Yes or No to whether or not a student met their goals. If a student's At Above/Below Grade Level (column B) is "At Above" and their Spring End RIT column C is equal to or greater than One Year Growth (column D) then the Met Growth Goals...
  8. E

    Require if formula for Met and not met

    Hi Team, I have below data and require formula in column J,L,M&N. If the column I is <= column C then it should say met & if its greater then not met if the date is in future then it should say Within SLA. If column G is pending and the column C date is in future then it should say within SLA...
  9. P

    if condition met on criteria in 3 columns

    Hi excel guru's just a newbie here, so I just need someone who can help me with a formula. Data is from column A to J, so what I need is like to appear a formula in J when 3 condition met. A=employee Id, start on row 3 and so forth, H= Date where employee process a case, I= marking if the...
  10. S

    count if with multiple criteria

    how can I get a CountIF formula to work if I need it to populate with 2 criteria? For example, =CountIF(D3,"Yes",H3, "Flower" , P3) So if D3 is yes and H3 is Flower than I need P3 to count, if the criteria isn't met, then I need it to say 0.
  11. B

    Count or Sum if three conditions are met

    I am trying to count or sum the total number of times that three conditions are met. I have three columns that I want to show the total number of times each column has the criteria I am looking for. I have it working but I have to pull it down each row and I don't want to have multiple formulas...
  12. M

    2 Formulas Needed to Read Values and input "100% Met", "50% Met" or "Not Met"

    I need two formulas that read the values in column D compareit to column G and H. Based on the outcome column I would say “100% Met” or “50%Met” or “Not Met”. First Formula Rules: To achieve "100 % Met" the values in column D haveto be greater than or equal to the values in columns G To...
  13. X

    Get the Max Value until criteria is met

    I have a spreadsheet with over 2000 lines I will start by explaining the above picture. Columns AO and AP are there just for explanation purposes. My expected results are in column AP. Each value from the AN (Miles Column) are connected with a PostCode (Column AK). I would like the formula to...
  14. D

    Trouble with nested IF OR

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help with an issue I just can't seem to solve. I'm trying to use a nested IF OR statement to show a value in a cell from another sheet: =IF(OR(F7,F9,F11=Lists!A1),Lists!C5,IF(OR(F4,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11=Lists!A1),Lists!C6,"")) The first part of the statement works...
  15. T

    Excel Formula IF, AND, OR to a range???

    Hi all I am wondering if anyone can assist with creating a formula that will come back with a 'yes' or 'no', if all conditions have been met when linked to a range of cells. In the basic example above, I want column F to come back with a 'Yes' only if the adjoining cells B-E data can all be...
  16. U

    SUM Referenced Range where 3 sets of criteria met

    Hi Hi, I have three referenced ranges. 1) DaysOpen 2) DateLogged 3) IncStatus I am trying to work out the total sum of DaysOpen where the following conditions are met: 1) If the cell date is between two dates using referenced cells DateLogged >= C8 & DateLogged =<D8 C8 = Date Cell (Feb-19)...
  17. H

    Combining IF and COUNTIF with no sequential range

    Hi All, I hope you can help me with a formula for this: Firstly, determining if the criteria is met for main count to take place: =IF((AND(Sheet1!$R3>0,Sheet1!$S3>3%)),1,0) Then main count if criteria met (count back through range) Countif through Sheet1!Q3,M3,I3,E3 and criteria is exact...
  18. K

    VLOKUP used as 'Value_If_True" in If/Or" Formula

    Can VLOOKUP be used to satisfy one "values_if_True" components of an "If/OR" formula? I'm wondering because I'm trying to use VLOOKUP to work if one or another of two conditions is met. However, the following formula works only if: CONDITION 1 and CONDITION 2 are met CONDITION 1 is met and...
  19. R

    VBA for Pop Up Message with Condition

    Hi There! I need a macro to generate a pop-up message when a condition is met. Thanks!
  20. M

    Datasets are too large for use - is there a smarter way to sumproduct?

    Hi, I have a large dataset. I need to use the sumproduct function to retrieve data from the dataset - namely if certain criteria are met on several columns on the x axis, and several criteria are met on the Y axis it will retrieve that value: =SUMPRODUCT(('Daily Source'!$C$3:$ZZ$3='Daily...

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