mid formula

  1. F

    Combine two formulas

    I'm alittle stuck here trying to figure out how to combine these two formulas 1st Formula is : =TEXTJOIN("",TRUE,IFERROR(MID(Q17,SEQUENCE(20),1)+0,"")) 2nd Formula : =MID(A17,14,4) Would really appreciate the help thanks
  2. O

    Mid Function Conditional Formatting - Unusual Behavior

    Hi to all, I am a teacher attempting to perform some magic apparently beyond my abilities. The goal is simple: isolate numeric data found within parentheses in a text string via a formula to then highlight a cell presenting said data within a range. Here is what I have so far: Excel 2016...
  3. S

    formula for last names not working

    I have a list of employee names that follow the Last name, First name Middle initial format. The formula I have works 95% of the time for employees with one last name, but it doesn't work when there is an employee that has two last names. I am looking to update my formula to accommodate the...
  4. R

    Split First and Last Names, removing any middle names

    Hi I need to split First and Last Names, removing any middle names as per the table below; <tbody> <tbody> A1 B1 Currently Becomes Walker Barbara Ann Barbara Walker Taylor Ron James Ron Taylor Clark Steve Steve Clark Price Kevin Liam Pat Kevin Price </tbody>...
  5. R

    MID Function | Search multiple words

    I need to extract a word between 2 different strings. The first strings starts in any of the following words- LTD, LP, FD or LTD. And it ends before the word "TWO". I'm thinking of using mid function but it can only be used for one argument. Example: I need to extract the following : ASWU...
  6. T

    Formula for keeping "3.99" from values with "4.99 (3.99 CMP)" ?

    Hi, I am working with numerous columns with values such as "4.99 (2.99 CMP)", "3.99 (2.99 CMP)", "2.99 (1.99 CMP)" I am trying to come up with a formula that keeps the information in the parenthesis, excluding the " CMP". For example, if we have the following info: 4.99 (3.99 CMP) I want to...
  7. F

    Adding a =Mid Formula to VBA string

    Hello, I will start by giving a little context to what I am asking in this thread. I am pulling multiple reports to one consolidation workbook to merge all of the data. One of the reports pulls in information and the name is Firstname Lastname while all of the other reports are pulled as...
  8. A

    How to use =Date() formula for a Date value that reads as number/text format

    Hi, I have a long formula that determines dates based on certain criteria. Within the Formula I have a Date formula as follows: DATE(MID(P14,4,4),MID(P14,2,2),MID(P14,1,1)) But the value the formula reads appears as a text e.g. 42586. Can someone tell me how to read the text as a date so I can...
  9. T

    Extract City from Single Cell with Different Delimiters on Either Side - with Formula!

    Formula Challenge! This one is out of my league. For an ASAP work project, I need to extract an a physical address (including multiple spaces) from a single cell, with two different (but same) delimiters on either side, and drop into new columns. See example below. I've tried two different...
  10. fidelityfranchise

    Using lookup with mid or if with mid

    I am new to the forum and have a question regarding which type of formula to use... I have a set of values that export as text ($12.0K, $11.0K, $8.2K, etc.) and need to get the numerical portion out into its own cell. I know the right, left, and mid formulas can do this, however I am having...
  11. C

    Separate letters from numbers

    Hi! I'm new to this board and I'm sure this is a very simple solution however I'm stuck right now. I have a column that looks like the below however consistently changes in number of characters and letter. I need to be able to separate the numbers from the letters as they are the unit of...
  12. D

    Functions will not enter - Left, Find, If

    I am trying to enter formulas I have used for years, but I continue to get the general error message: The formula you typed contains an error. For information about fixing common formula problems, click Help To get assistance in entering a function, clcik Function Wizard (Formulas tab, Function...
  13. R

    =left =right or =mid formula

    I need a formula either =left, =right or =mid to give me the contents between the brackets as of below. So I need ‘15/8’ on the first row to be displayed, ‘4’ on the second, ‘17/11’ and ‘11/10’. <tbody> QPR (15/8) Aston Villa (4) Burnley (17/11) Newcastle (11/10) </tbody>
  14. F

    text from string

    Hi, If in the column A I have: <tbody> Column A ColumnB A1: First Name: Audi Audi A2: Title of Book: Eliza Eliza A3: Last Source: Data_v3 Data_v3 </tbody> how to write function, that will be inserting into column B, text afer " : " ?
  15. F

    ActiveCell.Formula = result FALSE

    hi, I have simply formula in loop: Set WS = WB.Sheets("Sheet2") Dim b as String For j=1 to 6 b = ActiveCell.Formula = "=MID(Right(WS.Cells(j, 2),9),1,6)" next j and my result is always false. Do you know why?
  16. A

    Complicated Text String Question

    I have a cell with the value Western Washington University - 516 High St. - Bellingham, WA 98225 ( in bold ). in this text string i have a university name, street address, city, state abv. and zip. I need to extract each individual value in to its own cell, the format of the text string...
  17. S

    Formula for "Text to Row" Functionality

    All right . . . I have been bashing my head against a wall for two days now because I got interested in solving this issue. I have a cell that contains thousands of names in the following format: Smith MD, Bob; Savage DDS, Fred; Doe MD, Jane; . . . et cetera I have already fixed the issue...
  18. P

    Data Validation - Cell Only Displaying First 5 Characters Of Listbox - Left text formula?!

    Is there a way with "Data Validation" where the data that shows on the drop down box, when selected, only displays the first five characters on the cell. For eg In a worksheet, List Range has got data validation settings whereby the value to be input in those cells comes from a list. The list...

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