1. D

    Position the "hyperlinked cell" in the middle for easy view

    Dear Professionals, I have a formula here that can target the wanted cell in the desired sheet, but it doesnt lock on the position for better view in the middle of window. Please help. =HYPERLINK("#"&CELL("address",INDEX(Pivot!BL:BL,MATCH(MID(B358,1,6),Pivot!BL:BL,0))),MID(B358,1,6)) From...
  2. S

    Parse data into 3 data point (first, middle and last name)

    I am having difficulty parsing approx. 2000 rows of contact name into three separate columns first name, middle name and last name. The data does not have a consistent separator such as a comma etc. sample data <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> wendy»Karola¬WINKETT Vittorio‡halstead...
  3. B

    formatting a date

    Hello, I imported a CSV file into a query format and my date column is showing as this right now: 2019-08-28 03:32:31 EDT is there a way I can change that to read 8/28/2019? when I change format to date it does nothing. I can do a formula to pull the left numbers, middle and right but I'm...
  4. O

    Splitting out title, first name, middle name, last name

    Hi all I know there's been multiple posts on this throughout the past but all with slightly different requirements... I have a list of c.1500 names (some with middle names, some without) and i'm trying to split them out by title, first, middle (if there is one) and surname. I've tried text to...
  5. N

    Simple String question

    I'm currently using a barcode scanner to input values into an excel sheet. the barcode contains values such as: C000111254|HPSSF2517|14NIZE C000098567|HSCF21|22BRSS etc. The beginning and end string length will always be the same. 10 characters and 6. the middle set will vary in length. I...
  6. D

    Stuck in the middle

    I am using a data validation list pull down menu to select an item.When I go to the drop down arrow it starts in the middle so u cant see the list any help to move it to the top so the list shows?
  7. B

    Formula help to find Top 20%

    hello looking for a formula to find what the average is for the top 20% of clients, middle 20% bottom 20% etc for example if column A lists a bunch of % and Column B had a list of $ values, what is the average for the top 20% in column A, middle etc <tbody> Column A Column B Change % $ Value...
  8. C

    Rename Multiple Worksheet Tab Names

    I need to add the text "ABC" to the end of some worksheet tabs that already have names. It's a couple hundred sheets in the middle of a large spreadsheet, so I cant use code that selects the entire workbook. Thanks
  9. A

    Extracting Text of a variable length from the middle of a string

    Hello, please could someone advise me ... this is probably simple for experienced users but I am stumped :eeek: I have strings similar to this (Date, Place, Amount) 30/12/2017 Ultra City Harrismith 393.29 and need to extract the text in the middle ... extracting the date and amount are easy...
  10. K

    Matching Names with different criteria

    I need help with a formula or set of formulas to match 2 columns of names. One column will have first and last name and the second column will have last comma first name and sometimes a middle initial. How can I compare the 2 to match the data sets without the middle names, suffixes, etc. I...
  11. K

    Removing Middle Initial from Last Name, First Name

    Hello, A similar question was asked a few years ago, but in this case, I have a data sheet of names that look like this: Smith, John Q and I just want to remove the middle initial at the end, like: Smith, John Seems pretty simple, which is why I haven't quite figured it out yet...
  12. B

    How to extract words from cell.

    Hello, I have cells that contain text and people's full names. An example of the verbiage in cell A1 is: "Total For Smith, John C" I'd like to just have "John" display in B1. There are also some names that do not have a middle initial. Thank you so much!
  13. D

    repeat a row each nth

    Hi, I want a my first row of a long document be repeated not only in the top of each printed page but also in the middle, is it possible ?
  14. T


    Hello All, I am looking to match the last name and the first letter of the first name for my employees and return the name as listed on another sheet based on the partial match. So on my first sheet ListBill I have the names listed as last name, first name and middle initial in column L. Column...
  15. B

    A Middle School Math Teacher Needs Help with a SEARCH Formula

    Hello...I am a middle school math teacher who is trying to create a SEARCH formula that will require more than a one-word answer, and I also need the formula to return a '2' for true and a '0' for false. For example, the answer to a particular word problem is 'Sara', and students have to justify...
  16. T

    Can I set where a userform shows on the sheet?

    Hi everyone, I have a userform that pops up when you click on column C any row, but it shows up in the middle of the page can i tell it to show next to the cell ? Thanks Tony
  17. S

    [VBA] Middle Mouse Click on a Userform

    I want to trigger some codes via middle clicking the mouse button. However, the options for that button seem missing in Excel VBA? Private Sub UserForm_MouseDown(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal X As Single, ByVal Y As Single) If (Button = xlPrimaryButton) Then...
  18. N

    How to drop middle part of the string name in excel?

    Hello, I hope to find help here. I need to drop middle part of a string in excel. This is what I have: OptionABCDcorrect OptionDFTYuKlgkincorrecr OptionGdhfjksjsbakvalidargument This is what I need: Optioncorrect Optionincorrecr Optionvalidargument So basically, I need to drop middle part of...
  19. S

    Trouble with adding to a formula

    Hi, This is my formula: =IF(O4="","",SMALL(IF($C:$C=O4,ROW($C:$C)),COUNTIF(O$4:O4,O4))) I want to add if($b:$b=n2,ROW($b:$b). I tried putting it in the middle but it says theres an error in the formula, what am i doing wrong? Rgs Steve
  20. G

    Find and Search Macro

    Hi guys! I need your help once again. I would like to know if it's possible to create a Macro that is going to search a certain value (let's say it that this value is on cell E2). The value that i'm searching is in the middle of a text field (Imagine that I need to find the service order in...

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