1. S

    SUMIF with condition

    <tbody> ID Amount Mac 10,000 Mac1 20,000 Mac2 30,000 Macy 5,000 Macy1 3,000 Macy2 2,000 Mike 15,500 Mike1 20,000 Mike2 10,000 </tbody> Hi, I would like to use formula to sum-up total for Mac, Macy and Mike. The formula I'm using is SUMIF(Column 1,"Mac"&"*",Column 2), but this...
  2. L


    hi! i have 2 separate tabs with the following information in google sheets <tbody> A B 1 Name Dates 2 Lauren 09/10/19, 09/11/19, 09/13/19 3 Ron 09/10/19, 09/12/19, 09/14/19 4 Mike 09/10/19 </tbody> i need a formula for the cells below that have the #1 in them. =countifs('Tab...
  3. H

    Index Match

    <tbody> 1 MIKE HAT JIM BAT JAMES BAT BOB HAT 2 BOB BAT JAMES HAT BILL HAT 3 JIM HAT 4 MIKE BAT JAMES HAT BOB BAT 5 BILL HAT MIKE HAT </tbody> above table Column A is day of month column followed by names than code to the right for each person. on another sheet I have the...
  4. C

    =$B2 not working how I expect

    I'm not really sure what to call my problem, probably something very easy to look up if I knew what to call this. I have a sheet where column and row labels are the same values in the same order (B column is Mike, 2 row is Mike, C column is Suzy, 3 row is Suzy...). So B3 (Mike x Suzy) should...
  5. S

    All Combinations of Multiple Columns Without Duplicates

    I have been searching for a code that does what I am hopeful is understandable to whomever may be able to help me with this. I have multiple columns with multiple names (10 columns in this case), some names are duplicated, and need to generate all possible combinations of these 10 columns of...
  6. D

    Percentage Calculation

    Hi Again Guys... I have a list of 'stats', from a list of names, but... theres always a 'but'... I have 52 rows for names, but sometimes only 45 or so are populated, how do I get the percentage to ignore a blank cell where a name should be ($A:$A)? <tbody> John 1 Mike 1 Debbie 1...
  7. F

    Complex Macro request, can someone please help?

    Hi guys This is a bit too complex for me and I’m not too sure if it’spossible using excel. I have 3 columns I want to compare Column A = Clients Column G = Amounts Column N = Case ID So let’s say Client | Amount | Case ID Mike | 50|123 John | -50 |123 Mike | 50 |123 Mike |...
  8. M

    Left Join equals ID and between two dates

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with query I'm having trouble with. I want to do a left join and keep all records in Table 1, and matching records in Table 2 where Table 1 ID = Table 2 ID, AND Table 1 RowDate is between Table 2 StartDate and EndDate. Here is a sample table set up below...
  9. R

    Top 20% of Sales per Agent

    I'm looking to find a way whether it be in excel, power query, power BI or Pivot to display the top 20% of customer sales per agent without the need to create a Top 20% Conditional Format for each agent and for each update. Agent/Cust is a concatenation of the agent name and customer number...
  10. M

    VBA Code

    Hello, I'm looking for some code that will rank by name. Meaning anytime a name changes it will start over counting. Please see below. Name Rank Frank 1 Frank 2 Frank 3 Frank 4 Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 4 Mark 5 Mark 6 Mike 1 Mike 2...
  11. S

    Drop down

    Hi I would like to have a drop down, 2 of them where the second one the options changed according to the option selected in the first drop down. For e.g. Dropdown 1. Drop down 2 Mike. If chosen Mike 24 Joseph. If chosen Joseph 15 Thanks
  12. S

    Vlookup with specific row count

    Hi, is it possible to combine vlookup with get value in specific row. Do i need to do macro behind or it can be done with cell formula only. When using vlookup only value in first row retrieve.Example as =VLOOKUP(B4,B3:C9,2,FALSE) In scenario below, i want to get payment date result based on...
  13. hrayani

    RANK Formula with Criteria

    Hello Friends, I need a Rank formula based on criteria Here is a sample data (having Names in A2:A8 & Qty in D2:D8) NAMES Qty <tbody> Peter 25 John 99 Mike 36 Mike 25 John 48 Peter 99 Peter 2 </tbody> Required names (rank wise) based on sum of Quantites in Column D...
  14. M

    Match and Index...

    I have a number in cell C1 (23) and another number in cell D1 (-3). I want to lookup a value in a list and get the corresponding result X number of rows up or down based on the number in cell A5 (-3). In the example below, my end result should be 16; from column A6... Thanks for help from Mike...
  15. K

    Average score for each project by person

    I want to calculate average "Estimated Effort" for project associated to each EVP. For example, Wilber has two projects, one has an estimated effort of 2 and the other one is a 3, so I want to create a table that pulls the information for Wilbert and states looks something like this: Report...
  16. M

    Putting double quotes around text

    i have a formula in cell A2 with a text output. I need to add double quotes at beginning and end. however if I try to use this code i.e. a double quote inside a pair of double quotes as you would add any other text ="""&A2&""" I just get this which isn't helpful <tbody> "&A2&" </tbody>...
  17. J

    Trying to return only rows containing a Case sensitive value.

    I have tried previous helper columns that would allow me to return rows but looking for a nice clean solution. here's what my data looks like. <tbody> Ted DP dp dp bp Angela dp dp ap dp Mike dp DP dp DP Scott PP lp dp dp Renee dp dp ap DP </tbody> I'm trying to create a new list of...
  18. alansidman

    Mike Alexander and DataPig Technologies

    Does anyone here have contact with Mike. Are his blog sites down? I have not been able to log onto his blog or older web sites. Has he shut down his sites or is it my computer? Any information? Have posted the same question on ExcelForum Water Cooler. Will advise if I get results there.
  19. L

    Searching for Text within specific cell

    I am using this formula to tell me if certain text is in cell A1, "mike" in this case. =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("mike",A1)),"approve","") How would I restructure the formula to search for three different variables and return an "approve" if ANY of them is present? For instance, lets say I am...
  20. J

    Dynamic Cut and Paste VBA

    I am very new to vba and some help creating a code. I need to cut each unique Name record and paste it into it's own new sheet. I tried to find an existing code but had no luck. Can someone help me with this? <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Name...

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