min if array

  1. H

    Retrieve sequential numbers with multiple instances and alpha/numeric characters.

    I am trying top place a sequential value to my booth numbers by name. I am having issues when there are: 2 instances of non sequential numbers "example: KS GOLF KARTS, INC" 144-155 [Desired Result: 144-146 & 153-155] When there is an Alpha character in the numeric values "example: GARAGE...
  2. B

    Min If Formula to Ignore 0

    I have a table with golf scores for a junior golf tournament with the following columns: name (A2:A101), age (B2:B101), round 1 score (C2:C101), round 2 score (D2:D101), and round 3 score (E2:E101). All golfers participated in rounds 1 and 2 and half the field competed in round 3. The ages...
  3. B

    Finding Min/Max based on multiple criteria (NOT USING ARRAY)

    Hello- I've been searching forums all morning trying to find a way to find a way to get the minimum value using two criteria. Here's a sample of what my data looks like, and ideally what I'd like to see as a result. <tbody> Case # Size Date 1 Small 201501 1 Small 201512 1...
  4. L

    Complex Lookup

    Hi All I am looking to find values on a large data sheet and export to a report. What I have is a training record with several NAMES and several COURSES (split into modules) each module is given a number of points. I would like to be able to select a name and display the persons weekest area...
  5. Wookiee

    Multiple Criteria For One Field In Nested MIN(IF Formula

    I'm tasked with identifying some very specific figures in an inventory report. I could certainly accomplish my task by using some VBA, but I prefer to use a formula. My data is in a table (tblInv) and the fields from which I need to draw data are: [Rep] = employee's name, stored in named...
  6. N

    Multi Conditional Min Formula Help

    I am using the current MAX formula to extract the latest date from column H, based on conditions in column A and column C. How can I re-write this formula to extract the earliest date from column H, as replacing MAX with MIN does not work. When I replace with MIN, the result = 1/0/1900...
  7. L

    Min If Function without Array Formula

    Is it possible to do a min-if function without making it an array formula? I've got a file where I'm using a whole bunch of these and it is really slowing my file down and ballooning the size of the file. Example of what I have: {=MIN( IF(A1:A2=4,B1:B2,"") )}

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