min if; max if

  1. H

    Retrieve sequential numbers with multiple instances and alpha/numeric characters.

    I am trying top place a sequential value to my booth numbers by name. I am having issues when there are: 2 instances of non sequential numbers "example: KS GOLF KARTS, INC" 144-155 [Desired Result: 144-146 & 153-155] When there is an Alpha character in the numeric values "example: GARAGE...
  2. R

    Logical_test on Dates to get date_wise MIN and MAX values

    NEED HELP!!! I want to find the MIN and MAX from column 'values' with respect to dates. Data is in below format (each date has corresponding 1440 minutes and each minute has a specific value): Dates (several months; daily_basis) | Time (minute by minute) | Values (data) Required Result...
  3. BlondieC

    Using Min Max need to further identify odd even values to go in specific cells

    Starting with this code provided by a helpful person on here. WorksheetA and column A will be constant. I think I need a dynamic reference where WorksheetB is as there will be multiple worksheets that I want to pull the values from and the range on each of the worksheets will be the same...
  4. V

    Min IF & Max IF

    Good day to you all fellow Excel users I am having some sort of problem with function min if and max if. My function stands as As you can see in the picture, the formula does work on the Function Window. Giving me a min at the first row of 118.91. However, when I accept the function, it...

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