1. S

    Min and Max Functions returning a 0 value when looking up a formula

    Hi, I have the following formulas in cells FQ3 and FR3 which return the numbers 16 and 19 repsectively =IFERROR(LEFT(INDIRECT(FQ$1&$DZ3),(FIND("-",INDIRECT(FQ$1&$DZ3),1)-1)),"") =IFERROR(RIGHT(INDIRECT(FQ$1&$DZ3),(FIND("-",INDIRECT(FQ$1&$DZ3),1)-1)),"") However I then want a formula that...
  2. D

    Min and Max in sequence

    Good day, I have two columns of data, 1st is time and the second are values, The time column is from 4.00am to 4.00am the next day increasing by 1hour intervals, the values increase to a max and then decline in a series of highs and lows. I want to calculate the change in value meaning the...
  3. D

    #N/A error with Lookup and Min functions

    Good Afternoon everyone, I have run into an issue using Lookup with Min. I can use Lookup with Max and get the required results, =LOOKUP(MAX(E7:E1000),E7:E1000,D7:D1000) actually gives the date that matches the Max value. When I change the formula to =LOOKUP(MIN(E7:E1000),E7:E1000,D7:D1000), it...
  4. G

    Finding Multiple Shapes

    I can't find the 2nd or 3rd Shape I'm want to edit. It locates the 1st one, but not the 2nd or 3rd. I used "record macro" to select the shapes and get the name. Sub PleaseFind() ActiveSheet.Shapes("Rectangle 9").Select ActiveSheet.Shapes("Rectangle 5").Select ActiveSheet.Shapes("Rectangle...
  5. Heber

    time calculation on working hours less weekend

    Hi I am Struggling to solve this! I need to calculate time between two dates, but need to be only between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, excluding weekends. I got some results, but when the start time is over 5:00 pm still add the time... example below: Start End Transmission time (h:mm) 28/09/2019...
  6. J

    textbox max of 2 and min of 1

    is it possible to input 1 and 2 only in textbox ?
  7. R

    Min formula with 2 criteria

    Hello, I need a simple MIN formula with 2 criteria. Below Is the table <tbody> component description qty a systematic 10 d non-systematic 62 c systematic 84 b systematic 56 d systematic 3 b non-systematic 1 a non-systematic 9 c systematic 84 b...
  8. C

    Formula for Retirement Eligibility Date - min age (58) and years of service plus age is min of 70

    I want to start off with saying that I have scoured the internet to find this answer -- it's driving me crazy. Someone please help!! I need an excel formula that calculates a date based on: 1) Minimum age of 58 years 2) Age plus service is 70 or greater
  9. willow1985

    Combining 3 formulas (determine wk # max date, wk# min date, combine results)

    Is there a way to combine these 3 formulas? =MAX(DATE(T2,1,1),DATE(T2,1,1)-WEEKDAY(DATE(T2,1,1),2)+(S2-1)*7+1) =MIN(DATE(T2+1,1,0),DATE(T2,1,1)-WEEKDAY(DATE(T2,1,1),2)+(S2*7)) =CONCATENATE(TEXT(U2,"[$-409]D-MMM;@")," to ",(TEXT(V2,"[$-409]d-mmm;@"))) (T2 is the year and S2 is the week number)...
  10. J

    Filtering a Pivot by user input value?

    Hi, I have a pivot table with the left column numbers 1-100 And I want to be able to filter between 2 numbers (from user inputboxs for min and max) Eg. Numbers 11-20 or 1-80 Unsure how to do this, Any help appreciated
  11. S

    Score Dashboard in Excel

    Hi All, I am working on dashboard in which target based scores are being given. e.g Min & Max target for Calling - Minimum 60 call and Max >=70 calls per day Minimum score 0 and Maximum is 20%, Score will be proportionate where Achievement 61= Score will be 2% , Achv 62= Score 4% and so on...
  12. B

    Excel time formulas

    Hi, I'm looking for a simple formula that will calculate the difference between a start and an end time then subtract 30 min. So, for example, the start time is 7:00 am and the end time is 4:00pm. I can calculate the time difference but I don't know how to then modify the formula to subtract...
  13. N

    Array Formula?

    E F G H I Company A Comp B Comp C $1.00 $.30 $.24 =min(E2:G2) Comp C $.53 $.62 $.51 $.40 $0.00 $.46 The simple MIN...
  14. F

    Finding the MIN of the MOD to a range of cells

    I have the range below and would like to find the MIN to a range of cells for the MOD of the value. In H9 I'm looking for the MAX, but in H10 I would like the MIN. Here is the formula I'm using for the MAX. Is this the best method to use? Cells H6 and H7 are actually 0.00. I just have the...
  15. B

    Question data validation with conditional formatting

    I am trying to figure out if there is a way to use conditional formatting with data validation list like this. 1st I have a list from data validation of performing a task. I will use 4 task that I do once a week. Mow grass, wash dishes, wash car, clean pool I want to set a time for each, and...
  16. W

    Formula to find the location of a value in a range

    Below is a sample of the data set (starting in cell A1) I am working with (the real set has many more rows & columns). I have a formula which will return me the Min value (-2.2) and the Max value (3.0). What I am trying to do is add a formula that will return me the location of where the Min...
  17. S

    Min Max formula

    Hi All, Looking for min Max formula which will return following answer If A1 =<.4% Result (in B1) will be 0% & if A1=>.2% Result will be 5%. Please help me build this formula. Thanks & Regards, Sanket 7738414678
  18. T

    Lookup help, multiple columns

    I'm unsure what formula I need to return an adjacent value to the min value from a set of columns... My excel knowledge is very limited I have data in cells BC20 to CJ20 and down to BC136 and over to CJ136 I have numbers in every other column and text in between example: BC20 has pricing...
  19. L

    Consolidate growing tables

    I have two named Tables detailing price proposals from mfrs on different dates I want to merge these into a single table detailing the minimum cost and associated detail per Item <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Item Mfr MPN Cost 10001...
  20. T

    budget spreadsheet with min and max and roundup functions

    Hi There, I'm working on my budget spreadsheet, i have a column of numbers generated by our budget formula. I want to add a formula in the next column that will adjust those number to a maximum of $35,000 a minimum of $10,000 and round up everything else to the nearest $100. It is possible to...

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