1. C

    VBA - select MIN value from range conditionally

    Hi there, I'm attempting to return the minimum value from a range I've selected but I'm unsure how I can select the minimum value in the range (only) where the cells (in the range) are formatted thus: £#,##0.00;[Red]-£#,##0.00 The VBA code I've used is as follows to get the MIN value and...
  2. K

    Calculating a cell based on several criteria

    Hello I'm looking to figure out the best way to figure out a rate with multiple criteria. If Cell 56 is not 7 or 15 I need to take the rate (Cell F56) - subsidy (C91) and select the minimum of that against rate (Cell C61). So whichever is the smallest should be selected. Then the minimum needs...
  3. G

    Working Calculate Golf Skins Spreadsheet by entering scores

    Newbie on the forum. I have set up a nice spreadsheet to where I can see who has won the hole by using conditional formatting to highlight the cells equal to minimum value, which is located in row 45. I have two questions... 1. How do I UNHIGHLIGHT the cells if there are duplicate lowest...
  4. M

    Median, Mode, Maxim, & minimum with If & multiple criteria

    Hi. I have a question regarding how to find the median, mode, maximum, minimum & maximum with multiple criteria. I understand that I have to use the if function, but I am not sure how to go about it. I attempted to find the median, but I got an error (#value!). Here is the formula that I...
  5. J

    Use =Min and =Max, or other? What would you do?

    I get tables of Unit Type (# of Bedrooms), Prices, and SquareFootage ranges regularly. I need to condense this information into a table that shows units of the same time, with a minimum to maximum of price, and a minimum to maximum of SquareFeet. I've been sorting the columns for unit type...
  6. S

    Aggregate function ignoring 0

    Hello, Is there a possibility to use the aggregate function such as the below and ignore a certain values (in my case 0) of the range investigated? =Aggregate(5,4,range) Thank you in advance. Shiro
  7. J

    Return Min and Max using multiple IF conditions

    In Column A, I have team function, in Column H I have Status, in Column S, I have Weeks Active. I need to return the minimum and maximum values in S (not including 0) if A = "Chief Operating Office" AND H = "Active" Does anyone know how to get this going? I'm dying inside trying to figure it...
  8. A

    Index of Minimum Value in Array

    I have two Array Input(k) and Output(k). I am looking to print Input(k) value for the corresponding minimum Output(k). This code is giving p = 1 but my minimum value is not at the index one in the array. p = Application.Match(Application.Min(Output), Output, 0) Debug.Print p Set rDest =...
  9. H

    Raising some variables considering their min and max amounts and the priority of respecting all mins

    Hello guys, I have found the answer of a bunch of my questions through communicating in this website and hope this time be the same. PROBLEM: take some parameters (i) each with a minimum and maximum capacity. I have an amount of entry which can be assigned to each parameter so that at least...
  10. D

    Search text with array formula and find minimum, if the text contains specified text

    Hello, I'm still conducting my own search of trying to find the answer to this, but in the meantime thought I'd do a post to see if anyone has a ready answer. Difficulty in conducting the search is the multiple conditions. Basically, I need to search an array for a specific string and then...
  11. P

    Average of minimum duplicate value.

    Hello guys, question regarding averages: I am looking for a way to average the time in the columns with hours and that for each column. It may only select the lowest value of the lines with duplicates (since this time stamp is relevant). Any ideas? Been trying with averageifs, min, ... but...
  12. H

    3 minimums

    3 values are there in B2, C2 & D2. How to get Minimum, 2nd minimum & 3rd minimum in E2, F2 & G2. Thanks in adv
  13. C

    Help me get away from nested IF/ANDs

    Excel 2010 Right now, I am working on a table that is going to count the amount of each part purchased. Then, I want to have a cell that will check which cell is highest, and report a cell that is adjacent to the highest one. It sounds complicated, but the picture should make it make sense...
  14. A

    calculate the minimum distance between two sets of coordinates

    Hi all How are you? My problem is as follows: I guess it's better to explain my problem with an illustrated problem. I have some circles with radius of 5 meters, and some points that some of them are located in the circles. I want to find that which point is located in which circle. The...
  15. A

    Linear Interpolation. From target, minimum, maximum, and step values

    Hey there, guys! I'm struggling with a certain issue a bit. I need to calculate monthly bonuses in Excel in an automated way. Which basically means I need to answer the following question: "If we know minimum and maximum bonus amounts, starting target achievement, and step value, how much the...
  16. N

    Calculate Max / Min Help Please!

    Hi. I have a temperature mapping system at work and every day i get exported to excel a spreadsheet that logs temperatures twice a minute. By the end of a week i have several thousand rows that look like this: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 08/01/2014 03:38 15.6 08/01/2014 03:38...
  17. Whylucky

    Finding a Minimum within Cell

    So im not sure if this is possible and i have looked into some different ways of doing this with no success. Im trying to find the minimum of a column, which is simple enough, the problem is that a couple of cells have 4 different numbers in the one cell. Ideally i would like to search for the...
  18. M

    Offset chart axis tick marks without setting a new minimum value

    Hi, I'm trying to create a chart that has a long decimal minimum axis value and would like to offset the axis so that only more readable numbers are visible. For example: change something like this |----------|----------|----------| 1.23424 2.23424 3.23424 4.23424 to...
  19. A

    Values 1 -10

    Hi Guys, Do not know if I can ask this here I want to try and do a spread sheet for my retirement. Say I have 20 years left to work and I want to have $100 000 the day I retire. I want to be able to have a sheet where I can see that I am say in the 10th year and that by this time I should...
  20. T

    Select range based on cell content

    Hello! I am trying to find a CSE formula (not sure if I need to do this in VBA?) where I can select a range of data in a column based on fixed first cell in the column but the last point is dynamic depending on the user input. For example: <tbody> Column A Column B R1 R2 R3 R4 10...

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