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    [VBA EXPERTS NEEDED] Mirroring columns to two different sheets

    I just created a thread but seems its gone.. so re-writing. What I am trying to do is make a range which will be mirrored in two different sheets. That is, they accept input which will be reflected in either of the range I specify. For example, if I put 123123 on Range1, it will be shown the...
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    Mirroring columns to two different sheets

    Hi guys.. my very first post to this site What I am trying to do here is making a two way input range in two different sheets That is, if I put anything in "A:A" Column(or specific range) in sheet1, it will appear on sheet2 "C:C" column(or specific range). Also, if I revise it on Sheet2 range...
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    Mirroring Cells 3x

    So i already understand the function of mirroring cells into another sheet, but for what I need I need each cell from one sheet to be mirrored into another sheet but appear 3x in that column so for example Sheet 1: Sheet 2: Apples...
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    Cell Mirroring? AND Automatic-autofill

    Is it possible to make a cell in a sheet be exactly the same as another cell in another sheet without using =sheet!2A1, I need all the cells in a column to show whats on another sheet without having to input the function down to the 1000000th row. Then I need this sheet to automatically...
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    Autofilling values UPWARDS

    Hi! Does anyone have a solution on how to fill a value upwards until a new value appears? (and then repeating the procedure after the new value) I know this can be done downwards with "find -> blanks, entering a formula and then ctrl+enter" but I cant figure out how to make it work upwards...

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