1. M

    SUMIF with MOD

    Hello! Perhaps you could help ... Column A value Column B item start date Column C item end date Need to sum only the values that have item duration divisible by 12. I believe it is a combination of SUMPRODUCT, MOD, DATEDIF and perhaps "--", but not sure how to put them together. I know...
  2. R

    Changing data pulled with filter

    I currently have a filter formula that works great to pull my data; however, I was wondering if there is a way to make it give show something different than what is pulled? Currently it pulls the date of install and I simply want it to be a check box. Is it possible to make that happen in the...
  3. W

    VBA: Merge duplicate rows into one row

    Maybe my search words are lacking what they need for me to find the answer, so I need help. I have a table like this, where you can see Mod "a" was duplicated on 2 rows. I was trying to write the code to where if it was matching in column A, pasteall skip blanks, but It's not working for me. Any...
  4. D

    VBA mod

    Hi all, can someone help me to mod this so that when the rows identified are moved to another sheet the subsequent blank row is deleted from the source table, please? Sub Move_Closed()Dim Check As Range, r As Long, lastrow2 As Long, lastrow As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False lastrow =...
  5. H

    If cell contains data then format

    <tbody> I need help with borders on this spreadsheet. This is a combination of several spreadsheets which I didn't build. This has 6 set columns. Each numbered task may contain 1 to 6 rows. I need to place a border around EACH task. There is data in column A for each task. Is it possible to...
  6. F

    Finding the MIN of the MOD to a range of cells

    I have the range below and would like to find the MIN to a range of cells for the MOD of the value. In H9 I'm looking for the MAX, but in H10 I would like the MIN. Here is the formula I'm using for the MAX. Is this the best method to use? Cells H6 and H7 are actually 0.00. I just have the...
  7. K

    Data Validation - 15 Minute Intervals - Time Range

    I have a column of cells in which I need users to input their time spent on a project ( time input as [hh]:mm ) the hours are accumulated over a 6 month period so can exceed 24 hours - but I would like the times entered to be restricted to 15 minute intervals (eg. 60:00, 55:15, 43:30, 38:45...
  8. D

    how does mod work with negative numbers?

    eg mod(4,-13) gives -9 does that work?
  9. N

    Creating dynamic table off of two dynamic lists

    Hi All, I have two datasets which can vary in length: Employee (column A), and Funding Source (Column B) I would like to create a table (in columns F and G) which will generate all possible combinations of Column A and Column B. Ideally, this table would be sorted by column F, and then by Column...
  10. B

    Lookup formula

    <tbody> job task charge codes prices N34 cable mod plate 125 cable 40 N35 cable socket mod connect 10 N38 socket connect mod plate 15 N44 cable plate socket socket 25 mod 70 </tbody> hi i new to advance formulas and i need a formula to look at the...
  11. S

    Sumproduct, Mod, Offset, If??

    Okay, so the context is that I'm trying to model the running of an e-wallet, where users are able to top up. So basic assumptions: 1. Average top up value ($): D 2. Average top up frequency (top up every X months): T Figures input a. Operational month, O : 0 1 2 3 4 5 ... b. New users that...
  12. S

    Fill Property Let with function

    Hi guys, I am just wondering how I could fill a property let with a function. for example I got following function Function KW_DIN(Datum As Date) As Integer '''geklaut ;o) ''von Christoph Kremer, Aachen 'Berechnt die KW nach DIN 1355...
  13. S

    Sumproduct, Mod question

    I really need help on this. So the idea is that I'm running a calculation of top-ups to an eWallet, so I have a. Average top up amount ($47.50, b7) b. Average top up frequency (once every X months, b8) c. Number of new users (varies each month, row19) d. Attrition rate (varies each month) e...
  14. N

    Fill 3 columns with RGB value of preceding columns Interior Colour

    Im trying to fill 3 cells with the rgb values of the interior colour of the preceding cell, eg if cell A1 has a solid blue background then B1 would equal 0, C1=0 and D1=255. Found this code on this site; Function FillColorRGBArray(Target As Range) As Variant Dim N As Double, A(3) As Integer...
  15. I

    Formula for MOD 10 Weight 2 Algorithm

    I am looking for an xl formula to calculate the check digit for a MERS MIN. They tell me it is a MOD 10 Weight 2 Algorithm.
  16. L

    time that crosses mid night

    Hi Someone worked from 10:00pm to 6:00am next day. I want to calculate the difference. So I tried A1=10 pm B1= 6 am C1=(A1-B1)*24 But did not work I watched a video and the guy said use =Mod((B1-A1),1) But did not explain why. I know what mod is used for but how this idea came from? Mod...
  17. R

    If the number is a multiple

    Hello guys, I have issues in writing a formula that define the multiples. I need a formula like this: If the number is multiple of another number do put a cell otherwise null (""). I used the Mod formula in this way: =SE(MODA(E84;J1)=0;D83;"") The formula is not working, E84 is 3 and J1...
  18. R

    Trying to use EXCEL to Figure out Mathematical calculations

    I am trying to set up a formula using maybe the MOD feature in excel to show break downs for pay-out spots (Golf Tournament) for this example 1st thru 7th position. Total amount of money is $4,680 Finishing 1st 2nd...
  19. M

    Repeat at regular interval after first occurrence

    I have a data like below. Lets say for the first occurrence in the First row, I use a formula to specify that a value, say 55, must be inputted in Feb and the data inputted every 3 months subsequently i.e the next one in May. I tried using mod and count but not working as I want it to. Will be...
  20. M

    HOW DO I? Copy a column of data to a new worksheet with spaces in between

    I need some help. I am trying to take data in a column and reference it in another spreadsheet with a formula/function. The difference is the new data will need to be in the new spreadsheet with an empty row in between. With the amount of data I have, I need to be able to copy down the...
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