1. M

    Fcstt v Previous Fcst

    Hello! I am hoping some brilliant minds can help me out here. I am working on a Excel forecast model that will be constantly updated as we forecast and re-forecast expected company revenue. I can easily do versus static target and versus static LY. However, what I also really want is to somehow...
  2. A

    Vlookup Only The First Lookup Value

    Hello, I think I have a fairly simple problem (but one I can't fix). Column A of sheet "Model" has hundreds of thousands of account numbers, many of which are duplicates. I need to vlookup based on those account numbers to return data from Column B of sheet "Cost", but I only want to return data...
  3. I

    How to get two Trendlines to start and stop at two different intervals on a chart

    All; I researched and trialed different options on this for awhile, I am not a charting expert but what I'm trying to do is chart two separate trendlines for two separate time intervals but only show (and have the trendline effected by the data of that interval. Below is the data and where I...

    VLOOKUP MATCH Not returning all results

    Hi Guys. I wonder if anyone could help to shed some light on something I'm struggling with here.. I'm trying to do a simple VLOOKUP MATCH as follows: On Sheet 'HomeQuote' I have a DV dropdown in cell D15 that the user selects a model, in this example selecting H1. ('Home Quote'!$D$15) I have a...
  5. Z

    Add to Data model creates #REF error on my calculations

    Hi guys, I forgot in the process to add data from power query to the data model, now when I have a lot of formulas referring to this table, I cannot change it as it throws error on all those formulas. Is there way to pause the evaluation? I remember I saw it somewhere but I don't know where...
  6. L

    Trust access to the vba project object model

    Hi I am reading about macro settings and found this link about the option [] trust access to the vba project Mine is not check and I ran many small macros without problem so far. I read what is explained below but did not understand it well. Could you please explain to me why I need this...
  7. M

    use excel while user form open

    I ma trying to set my project so that when my userform is open, I can still select and edit cells. I have tried setting the model to false and using vbmodeless but when I do that the form just blinks and goes away. Any ideas?
  8. S

    Can I use VBA to Lock VBA where Password already exists?

    I made a careless mistake and left the 'Lock project for viewing' box unchecked and sent out copies of one of my models. A project password already exists. I had just unchecked the 'Lock' box for my convenience while I did some annual updates, but then forgot to check it again before sending...
  9. H

    VBA Code - pick file name from cell value

    Hello Friends, This is part of my macro which I am using. Sub makecopy() Workbooks.Add ChDir "C:\BACKUP" ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:\Backup\Factory Target.xlsx", FileFormat:= _ xlOpenXMLWorkbook, CreateBackup:=False End Sub Can I tell the code to pick...
  10. S

    Simulation in Excel - Best Fit

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 8.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px 'Trebuchet MS'; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 8.0px 72.0px; text-indent: 36.0px; font: 11.0px 'Trebuchet MS'; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000}span.s1 {font-kerning...
  11. D

    value associated with a date range

    Hi, I am trying to make a formula that works something like; =IF([LOGICAL TEST]Date x<=Date y BUT Date x>Date z, [IF TRUE]Cell A, [IF FALSE]Cell A +1 row down AND +1 row down from Date x in the LOGICAL TEST part) Essentially I am trying to make a model in which a specific value corresponds to...
  12. A

    Rearranging Data in Excel

    Hi, all. I have a table where I need to rearrange the data. The below is a small sample size. The real table is about 100 rows and 700 columns. The first table is what it looks like now, and the second table is what I'd like it to look like. Is there an easy way to do this. I tried pivot tables...
  13. P

    Data Model - Update All Without Updating Pivot Tables

    Excel 2013 with Data Model rather than Power Pivot, I have a process I'm using to produce various subsets of my overall dataset. My process generates 6 .csv files which are built as tables in a Relational Database. I've added each table to the Data Model and setup the correct relationships so...
  14. E

    Conflict with

    This might be difficult to explain, but I'll give it a shot. Basic overview is a table where numerical scores are entered. The scores are ranked 1, 2, and 3 based on the "Div" (Division) and the Model of the car. DIV is located in A68 and Model is Located in A67. The code below is for...
  15. P

    Macro to cycle through dropdown, paste output to tab by grouping

    Hello, Hoping someone can point me towards a solution on the following: In tab "model", I have a model that outputs data in cells B2:G104. This is based on a dropdown selection in cell I5 that pulls from a list in tab "List by SL", cells B2:478. Cell I8 in the tab "model" is an index match...
  16. E

    Choosing the tranche, depending on cumulative spend

    Hi guys, sorry for the poorly worded title. I have a unique problem which I am stuck with... Let me try to describe it here and in addition, attach a worked example. I am working with a quarterly model, however have a a criteria/tranche which is based on yearly/cumulative spend. Criteria...
  17. aaaaa34

    VBA to create folder, subfolder and save workbook

    Hello my friends, I have a file mainlist.xlsx in my folder C:\Database Inside this mainlist.xlsx file, there is list of cars. in A column car brandname, B column: model name, C column model year, D column motor volume and E column price In this manner, I want to have VBA to create folder with a...
  18. W

    Logic not working as expected

    Hi All, I am using the following code, but unfortunately it is not giving the result I want: Dim model As String, Purpose As String, Replaced As String model = Sheets("General Data").Range("B9").Value Purpose = Sheets("General Data").Range("D5").Value Replaced = Sheets("General...
  19. S

    Speed up code that copies value to a table from a Gantt model

    Hello I have a simple code that extracts values from Gantt model to a normal table. The Gantt model is on a per day basis and can be user define to how years needed for a project so it can become alot of days plus there will be a fair few rows with data. So to create a more interactive output...
  20. R

    VBA to Copy rows based on specific date criteria picked from a cell

    Hi I am looking for a VBA to open a workbook (FX rate log) from a specific file path and the look for a specific date (Today()-1) and copy the rows including the date and various currency rates to another workbook (Working model) within worksheet (FX Rate). Data layout in FX Rate log –...

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