1. Jaafar Tribak

    Zooming on Images (Drawing with GDIPlus + Subclassing with comctl32.dll)

    Hi, I have lately been doing some research on the subject of how to use the GDI+ library for drawing in vba. One thing I wanted to do was to be able to perform smooth zooming on userform images (The native userform zoom property is no good as it doesn't keep the image in the center and moves...
  2. D

    How to set the start position of a modeless user-form?

    Hello all. I know how to position a modal form, but a modeless form, acting as a 'please wait' sign is not responding in the same way. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. I position a regular form with the following private sub in the forms code window Private Sub UserForm_Activate()...
  3. K

    Modeless form with "Cancel" button

    I have a following situation. Form1 runs a printing routine after clicking OK. Then Modeless form Form2 shows up with info what is being printed now. I need a cancel button on Modeless form Form2 to stop all remaining tasks and exit. At the moment cancel button in Form2 I have cannot be clicked...
  4. D

    copy/past from cell to modeless userform - how to ensure cell is within a range

    Hi, I have a modeless UserForm and want to copy/paste from cells on the sheet to a textbox on the userform. How do I find activecell to ensure I'm copying from a valid range? Thanks for any help David
  5. O

    Modal to Modeless Dialog boxes

    Hi Guys, I don't think this is going to be possible, but there is always no harm in trying! Most Excel custom (in-built) dialog boxes are open as Modal. Is there a way to open these dialog boxes as Modeless? Many thanks
  6. R

    How to setfocus on modeless form

    Hi, I'm trying to do data validation on a text box on a modeless form (ShowModal = False) the following code works when ShowModal = True, but due to the interaction I need the form to be ShowModal = False. How do I get around this problem??? Private Sub MazeH_BeforeUpdate(ByVal Cancel As...
  7. Dave Punky

    Userform over userform (acting as Modal)

    Hi all, I'm having a minor issue and was wondering if anyone had got around this. Basically I've got a Userform (that's modeless) which acts as a primary hub for information. I then have several other Userforms that open from this which ideally I would want to act modally (or really just...
  8. T

    VbModeless help

    Hi guys, I currently have a userform that takes data, posts onto a spreadsheet and is used to create reports. To run the form as an application on colleagues' desktops I am currently hiding Excel while the macro runs using ThisWorkbook.Application.Visible = False. It has become apparent that...
  9. C

    Citrix (XenApp) + Sharepoint Server 2007 + modeless userforms

    I've an vba app developed with Excel 2010, and hosted in Sharepoint Server 2007. The app includes a couple of modeless userforms floating over a large grid of data (option panels). When running it local, no matter if using Office 2010, 2007 or 2003 (we have the three of them on our machines)...
  10. PetLahev

    Showing modal Form from Modeless form

    Hi does anybody know why a modal form, that is shown from modeless form, will close the modeless form (parent)? I use a modeless form to allow user continue working on a sheet but when they click on a button on the modeless form a new modal form is displayed, then when the modal form is closed...
  11. O

    Modeless userform doesn't show if called twice from a modal userform (HELP!)

    Hi All, I have a bizarre occurrence! I recently posted a thread here because I had a modeless userform (modeless1) which was activated from a modal userform (modal1) and when used, returned back to modal1 in a loop - the user could then call modeless1 again if more data needs to be processed...
  12. J

    Remove Userform Caption And Make Modeless

    I got this code from another thread and the code is great EXCEPT, I would like my userform to be modeless. I changed the script to vbmodeless but the form is still locked in modal mode. Any help would be appreciated *** Place this code In a User Form *** Option Explicit Private Sub...
  13. O

    Modeless userform doesn't show if called twice from a modal userform (help!)

    Hi, first post and first attempt at in depth excel programming (so go easy on me!). Here's a simplified version of what's going on for me. I have a modal userform (modal1). If I click on a button the userform is hidden and a modeless userform (modeless1) is shown ( False). This...
  14. Jaafar Tribak

    Finding tricks to make a Standard InputBox/MsgBox Modeless.

    By modeless , I mean two things: 1-Allowing to work with excel while the InputBox/Msgbox are displayed and 2-Allowing execution of subsequent code In other words just like a Modeless UserForm. Any ideas are welcome.
  15. Jaafar Tribak

    How can I change a Modal Userform from Modal to Modeless at run time ? !

    Hi all, I am wondering if one can force a Modal UserForm to become Modeless after loading the UserForm. Load the Userform as Modal => Click on a CommandButton on the Userform => The Userform now becomes Modeless. Any ideas ? Regards.
  16. Jaafar Tribak

    Ever imagined the possibility of making a standard MsgBox MODELESS !!!

    Greetings all, AFAIK, even the API MsgBoxes have no flags to set them to modeless and it could be very convinient to have a standard Modeless MsgBox on display let's say while a some lengthy code is running in the background plus being able to interact with the worksheet while the little...

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