1. T

    disable design view in Access

    I am trying to disable the design view so user cannot make any changes. Greatly appreciate if you can help or what other option I can do to protect my database from being modified. Thank you!
  2. D

    Some help with a last modified date/time problem

    Hi all, I'm very new to VBA and macros and am struggling to find a solution for what I would like to do. I am using some code that i found to show the date and time that a worksheet was last modified in a given cell. This does not update on it's own. The only way that I am able to update the...
  3. J

    Modified Rank function?

    I have worked out a UDF which replicates Excel Rank() function. Now, I am trying to modify it such that instead of outputting 1 2 2 4 as the ranks for a set {2,5,5,8} it should output 1 3 3 4; and it should be able to handle any data as per the modified logic. Public Function Rnk( _...
  4. S

    Change the modified date of multiple folders from excel input

    Hey, I want to change the ""Modified Date"" of multiple folders in Windows Explorer as per date mentioned in Excel Cells. Thanks in Advance..
  5. J

    Lowest decimal place value from a range of data

    I have this array formula which calculates the highest decimal place in a range. {=MAX(LEN(SUBSTITUTE($A$1:$A$9,TRUNC($A$1:$A$9)&"","",1))-1)} How can this be modified to return the lowest decimal place in a range?
  6. C

    individual cell date modified will be marked in another cell

    I have a spreadsheet on Onedrive for me and my employees to keep track of our machine hrs for maintenance. I use Excel 2013 Pro to set it up. I need to be able to have the date that one cell is modified be enter in another cell to the right of that one. Say I have column "D",with the machine...
  7. I

    Macro to rename numerous files

    Morning. I was wondering if its possible to rename a bunch of pdf files that reside all in the same folder ? Currently the files are just named like, 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf All the files have a date modified next to them for viewing purposes. Can we run a macro that will rename these files & get...
  8. L

    Auto fill date when row changes

    Hello, I am trying to find a way for an automatic date stamp to be populated into a field (Col J) in a row when any other cell contained within the same row is changed or modified. I know this is easy just haven't figured it out
  9. K

    Getting Date Modified

    I have a list of files that are lined up using D:\Documents\* with the function =IFERROR(INDEX(FileNameList,ROW()-2),""). With this it lists all the files in my D drive. I'm trying to also display the date last modified of those files in the corresponding cell. Is that possible to do?
  10. B

    VBA to search a folder and return filename of the most recently modified file

    Hi all, I'm building an invoice system here and I'm stuck on a part of it. I have all my invoices stored in a folder with filenames like: 0001 Name 0002 Name 0003 Name On my worksheet, I want to be able to run a macro when the master workbook opens that will search the invoice directory on my...
  11. H

    date file was last modified

    OK ... I searched before posting ... and almost had it. I simply want to list the date a file was last modified in a spreadsheet. There are several files listed. Here is the thread I found ...
  12. W

    MultiPage problem with multiple pages

    Hi. I got a MultiPage with several pages, and a userform to input data on the next line on spesific sheets, but i got a issue. I've had 4 pages for a long time, no issues what so ever, but then i added more pages, and copied the same code as i used for the 4 others, and just modified the names...
  13. Johnny C

    Non-VBA function to display 'Last modified Data/Time'?

    Hi I expect the answer is No as I can't find it with Google, but is there a non-VBA way to update a cell with the date a file was last modified? I know there's a myriad of VBA ways but a User wants a non-VBA version, something equivalent to =INFO() or =GET() Cheers
  14. B

    Last Modified Cell VBA

    I found this code in a prior thread that is working but hoping someone can help modify for 2 issues. 1. If I highlight a row or range that contains row R, it places the =NOW() result in every column 4 to the right of each active cell. Is there a way to make sure it only does it related to the...
  15. D

    How to paste the date+time a different file was last modified into a cell?

    There's a CSV file at the path: C:\Users\Me\Documents\data_files\quotes.csv I have a different file (mainfile.xlsm) open in which I want code that will fetch the date the quotes.csv file in the directory above was last modified, and paste it into cell A1. Anyone help? Thank you!
  16. S

    Look up file names and last modified

    Hi, I have been able to pull up file names under a folder, but having a hard time trying to to pull up last modified dates for the corresponding files as well. Looking for Non VBA ways to do so first so that I can understand it better. As I am not well versed with VBA. Help would be great!
  17. K

    Best way to overwrite

    Hi all Appreciate any advice please. I have a large dataset - a table of about 100,000 records with about 30 data fields. I have powerpivots set up on that data. However, the I extract data from the same source every month. Not only do I have 10000 new entries each month, but quite a large...
  18. H

    Function for last modified date of cell (again)

    Hello. I checked out this forum post: Function for last modified date of cell. I was able to set up a test Excel 2013 spreadsheet ("test.xlsm") with values in column B, cells 2 through 6 and in cells I wanted to have last modified dates in column E, rows 2 through 6. From the spreadsheet I...
  19. K

    Protect excel sheet

    Hello, I have an excel sheet and I am trying to find the most secure way to protect it from being modified. I know that sometimes even if you lock the cells if someone save it as then the excel can be modified. Can somebody advise?
  20. T

    Macro for button to click multiple buttons on separate worksheets

    Aloha you guys, I'm working on a workbook in which I'm using 6 different sheets. I modified the print settings in each of the sheets so that I can press the button corresponding to the sheet and automatically PRINT without prompting print settings. On the last worksheet, however, I would like...

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