1. S

    How to put auto page break while printing

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 1000 3/25/2019 Monday 08:14:53 16:43:05 08:28:12 08:28:12 1000 3/26/2019 Tuesday 08:16:12 17:04:13 08:48:01 08:48:01 1000 3/27/2019 Wednesday 08:25:33 -- -- -- 1012 3/2/2019 Saturday...
  2. C

    How to determine 1st, 2nd, or 3rd "Monday" (or any given weekday) a specific date represents

    I am looking for formula that can tell me if a given daterepresents the first, second, third and so on of that particular weekday. For instance, I have a column with a list of days (columnA), and I have a column beside that (column B) that identifies what day ofthe week that date represents via...
  3. P

    IIF for Criteria

    Hi! I am trying to use an IIF to determine the day of the week. And then it should return different dates. Here is my problem: If today is Monday, return Monday - Friday of last week. If today is not Monday, return Monday - Now of this week. Below is the code I have tried using: IIF (...
  4. B

    WEEKDAY & TODAY function.

    Hi Everyone! So I have an Excel doc that I print out for a hand written report. I have a week beginning cell that should always show the upcoming Monday date, UNLESS today is Monday, then it should show today's date. I usually print this out on Friday, but last week did not have time to get it...
  5. Z

    Need to return dates not sure either formula or macro

    I need to return dates as i have to look back on stuff. I need to return every Monday to Sunday Dates on excel sheet doesnt matter where from 2018 and on. Example Starting January 2018 i need to return like this 1-7 8-14 15-21 22-28 I need to retunr in cells all the way down if i can like...
  6. I

    Help make this formula more elegant

    Hi I've got this formula which works correctly but is a bit long winded and has a few nested IF statements; =IF(G7="eombh",INDEX(E2:E22,MATCH(1,(G2=A2:A22)*(G3=B2:B22),0)),IF(G7="eom",INDEX(D2:D22,MATCH(1,(G2=A2:A22)*(G3=B2:B22),0)),(INDEX(C2:C22,MATCH(1,(G2=A2:A22)*(G3=B2:B22),0))))) G2=...
  7. S

    KPI/SLA calculation

    Hi all, I've got following issue: i need to determine KPI %. The KPI is about exceptance time, i've got two date/time column (ticket received (column L) and ticket accepted (column AC)) that i have to match, the threshhold is 4 hours (within 4 hours is positive, above for hours is negative)...
  8. X

    How to assign week numbers against series of dates?

    Dear All, I do have a huge data base spread across thousands of rows. Out of this data-set, there is one column which contains the dates from October 2018 to December 2018 in a random order. I would like to assign numbers against the days within every month as follows:- October...
  9. B

    Date Formula

    Hi all, Merry Christmas!!! I was wondering if you lovely people had any ideas on a formula i can use that will run down a list of dates and tell me the day (example Monday) then also know if its the Monday the previous week then Monday -1 and the monday the week before so Monday -2 So for...
  10. Y

    SUMIF between time range Monday to Friday.

    I have the output of my solar inverter giving me column A with the date and time of the measurement and column B with the solar system production in kWh. I would like to use a function to get the kWh during the period 7am-9pm Monday to Friday. I guess I need the correct syntax for this...
  11. S

    COUNTIF date is in previous week

    How do I compose a formula that looks at values in column BP that are from the previous week (The week always starts on a Monday. So for today,(being 4 December) I want it to count anything from Monday 26 November to Sunday 2 December inclusive please. On a Monday it needs to automatically...
  12. G

    If statement or vba code requirement

    I run a report giving me the shift patterns of colleagues. I need to break down what shift pattern they are on so forexample we have the following. So in the 1st columns I have in A 1and then in B & C I have those starting 1 then 2 in B and in C will bethose starting on 2 then 1 and then the 3...
  13. L

    Rounding to nearest specified day

    Hi, I've a bunch of school term dates, and each school has their own method of stating what is the first day or last day of the month (some will say the day before is the first day, some will say the day after, some will say the last week day, etc) & to allow me to better compare i want to be...
  14. R

    Trying to replace an input box with a user form

    I'm trying to replace an Input box which requires input of a Monday (19/11/2018) or (26/11/2018) or (12/11/2018) for instance, any Monday, but only monday. I want this to go on a Userform but I've never used them before. The form needs to have a manual box for inputs where a user can input a...
  15. M

    Gantt chart production schedule

    Hello. I'm looking for help in creating a production schedule in excel, Gantt chart style. The schedule is for Mon - Fri, 10 hour shifts. Id like the schedule to show in 1 column the routed time in units per hour to show how many units should be produced every hour, based on the total units...
  16. E

    How can I autofill a cell with the date of the last Monday?

    Hello! How can I autofill a cell with the date of the last Monday? Thanks!
  17. H

    Return date of 1st Mon in month which is not a Bank Holiday/weekend

    Hi all In cell J4 I have the date 01/11/2018. In cell B15 I want to return the date of the first Monday in the month of November (calculating off the date in J4 (which will always be the first of the month)) BUT where the Monday is a Bank Holiday return the date for the Tuesday, if the bank...
  18. E

    Count and text other row

    I want to know when there is a value in the cell, the number of times the value is in a different row and the text that says it. In the table when there is a value in cell B, I want the number of times it occurs cell A. So Monday 2 times, Tuesday 1 times and so on Is this possible...
  19. Trevor3007

    1st monday

    hi, is it viable to have a formula to show the 1st monday of a month as a date based on the date in a2? For example A2 B2 (1st monday of month) 1/10/18 1/10/18 8/10/18 1/10/18 5/11/18 5/11/18 12/11/18 5/11/18 MTIA & for your time today. KR Trevor3007:cool:
  20. H

    Lookup Multiple Data Points and Return Value

    I have data on sheet1 that is organized with a multiple lines for each Car. I'm trying to consolidate the data on Sheet2. I have copied and removed duplicates to sheet2, and i'm wondering if there is an easy way to achieve the bottom chart. Basically, I'd like to insert a new column to B and...

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