1. W

    One sheet with more than one sheet of the same name, yes or no?

    Is it possible, because I don't think it is, to have more than one sheet with the same name, for example - 2 sheets named Monday, 2 sheets named Tuesday
  2. S

    Extracting Data from Table and rounding times to nearest hour / half hour

    Hello All, I want to be able to separate out this data and allocate it to daily HH segments. For example ideally I would be able to pull out the data in B3 (16:00-19:59) To show 16:00 and 20:00. And then multiple these values by 2. As this data sett would fall between the 33rd and 40th half...
  3. A

    Percentile with Several Conditionals

    Hi all experts. I have some data in the following way for which I'd need to get some percentiles: I'd like a formula which could help me get the .5 percentile of the Rates (Column F) only of those which meet the following criteria: Process = Lift (Column B), Day = Tuesday, I know I have to...
  4. Z

    Working with dates in Excel

    Hi, I have tried and tried but cannot get Excel to do a task. I need to get the date for every Monday in a month and after the last Monday I need to get the date for the last day in the month. I would enter the starting date but then would like to copy the formula to the right so it...
  5. T

    Power BI - How to Average a Sum

    Please help. I am working in Power BI. My primary data table has a variable called "Distance" which is recorded within three levels: "Session", "Athlete" and "Drill". In other words, within each Training Session, multiple Athletes participate in multiple drills, all of which have an...
  6. F

    Date due warning on opening

    Hi all, I'm using a register where i want to have a messagebox upon opening the document which gives information about rows with expiring dates, but there are some rules i want to implement and i can't seem to find something working. The macro has to check the following: if the status in...
  7. G

    Dynamic Column Reference in Power Query

    I have a table which contains schedules for my employees, broken out into their start and end times. Like so: <tbody> Employee Monday_Start Monday_End Tuesday_Start Tuesday_End Bob 09:30:00 18:00:00 09:30:00 16:30:00 Alice 08:00:00 16:30:00 08:00:00 16:30:00 </tbody> And I...
  8. J

    trying to make a sheet that lists the hours of the day down column A

    trying to make a sheet that lists the hours of the day down column A, and the days across row 1, object is to mark each cell with one of three persons names. my Dad has Alzheimer's disease so we have 24/7 care givers/helpers and there a three different ladies and I need to keep track of their...
  9. M

    Need auto generate using excel formula (index, match......)

    Table 1 <tbody> Sunday c d e Monday a b e f Tuesday a c d e Wednesday b c f Thursday b d f </tbody> Table 2 <tbody> a b c d e f </tbody> Table 3 <tbody> a Monday Tuesday b Monday Wednesday Thursday c Sunday Tuesday Wednesday d Sunday Tuesday...
  10. S

    Next Monday unless holiday, then Tuesday

    I'm needing a formula that, starting with today (whatever day that may be), returns the date of the following Monday unless it is a holiday, then Tuesday. It would save me so much time if I didn't have to change all the dates on a bunch of paperwork weekly.
  11. D

    Transpose from cell to multiple rows

    Hi all, Im looking for a way using VBA code to transpose data contained in one cell separated by ";" to multiple rows. Below is an example of what im trying to achieve Event ID Day Start End Room 1 Monday 09:00 11:00 Room 1; Room 2; Room 3; Room 4 1 Monday 09:00 11:00 Room 1; Room...
  12. T

    work out shift from day and time

    HI all I need to update a formula to tell me shift Day / Evening or Night in Column V i have the hour, 1 to 24 In column W i have minute 00 to 60 in Column Z i have the Day Monday to Sunday Day shift is from 08.00 to 16.30 Monday to Thursday and 08.00 to 15.30 on Friday Evening shift is...
  13. D

    formulaa for displaying work week

    Hey guys, So i'm trying to make a table where the headers are based on the dates from another tables headers. for example, if table1 headers are 8/14 8/15, 8/17, i want the header in table 2 to say "week of 8/14 i have a pseudo code in mind, but not sure how to implement it find previous...
  14. Z

    Formula ?

    Hi, I use this formula =3*B6+E6 Can I have this change every Monday? like 4*B6+E6 then the Monday after that 5*B6+E6. I am going up 1 * every week. Thanks for any help
  15. N


    Hi everyone, Can someone help me out, I need something like a today formula that excludes weekends so when monday comes it will automatically just give me Friday, then on Tuesday it gives me Monday etc Thanks!
  16. D

    Move Sheets Containing... ???

    Morning All, I have a workbook that consists of 1000+ sheets. They all have a weekday and a duplicate number as their sheet names. e.g Monday 12, Tuesday 15, Sunday 34 etc. THey are not in order of days. I'm trying to use vba to move all sheets containing "Monday" into a new workbook so will...
  17. S

    Dax help for CACULATE selected date -7

    Hi I have a calendar table with a column that shows the monday of the week. And I need to calculate the sales, receivings and on hand for each week. So what I thought was take the selected week starting on a monday. And subtract all sales and receivings since then. my dCalendar has a monday...
  18. M

    Search Engine without using Macros or VBA

    Hi All I have a large list of data that I would like to add a search function to, what I am trying to do is type some or all information in the "Search for" boxes and have a list of results returned in the "Search results". I would prefer a formula rather than VBA/Macros. Thanks for your...
  19. D

    Testing 600+ sheetnames

    Morning all I have a workbook of 600+ sheets all named by the date the sheet refers to (in the form 1Jan17). I am trying to use vba to change the name of the sheets to the dates respective weekday. i.e I need all the dates that were a Monday to have the sheet name "Monday" and not "4Jan16". I...
  20. S

    My X-No working day in the weekend (without offs, holidays, sick leaves etc)

    Hello guys, I am trying to figure out formula that will show number of my work day in week, I don't have standard schedule. Instead i can work Mon,Tue,OFF,Thu,Fri,OFF,Sun or it can be: Mon,OFF, Tue, HOLIDAY,OFF, Fri,Sat,Sun. Networkday - only counts total days, workday - also doesn't give...

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