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    Month and Day Between (DATEDIF does not work)

    Hello! I have been scrounging forums for an answer to my question. I have start and end dates that I need to calculate the complete full calendar month and days between both dates. The reason datedif does not work is when the start date and end date are not full calendar months but are greater...
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    Need formula to calculate weekly dates in a month

    Hey Guys, I need some assistance in trying to figure out a formula for the dates in a week excluding Sundays for the whole month. For example, I want to have a Cell for the person to input the number of the Month i.e. 9 - For September, 10 - For October. When that is inputted in cell A1 i...
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    Created a column for Month (integer) in a named range, trying to display it as a named Month (ex. "March"), excel keeps reading this integer as a day.

    Right now I am working with a data table, to which I added a 'Month' column, as an integer (1 for January, 2 for February, etc.). While pulling this data into Pivot Tables using the Month column, I wanted to display the months as actual names Months - 'January, February', etc. When I edit the...
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    Months between two dates

    I am creating a pro-rated battery calculator and I need a formula to show the number of months between two dates were if it is 24 months and one day it would show as 25. <tbody> date battery was installed current date =DATEDIF(A2,B2,"M") 9/25/2015 9/26/2017 24(formula answer) 9/25/2015...

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