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    Convert Month name to date - last day of the month

    Is there any way to convert a Month name to date format? It should be the last day of that month and current year. Example: June should be converted to 06/30/2019 July should be converted to 07/31/2019
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    Created a column for Month (integer) in a named range, trying to display it as a named Month (ex. "March"), excel keeps reading this integer as a day.

    Right now I am working with a data table, to which I added a 'Month' column, as an integer (1 for January, 2 for February, etc.). While pulling this data into Pivot Tables using the Month column, I wanted to display the months as actual names Months - 'January, February', etc. When I edit the...
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    Matching Month number with Month Name

    Good morning, I'm looking for an Excel formula to put into Tab #1 (cell A6)that will change automatically when the number month in Tab #1 (cell A4) changes. I already have a formula that drives the change in Tab #1 (cell A4) based upon data in Tab #2. Any assistance would be greatly...

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