1. M

    Trouble with IF Formula & Comparing Dates

    Hi everyone, I am working on a case management tool and am trying to identify 6 different types of renewals by comparing submission month, day, and year between two different cells. D2 is the certification period end date (renewal date), and D4 is the date we received the renewal form. I have...
  2. E

    Subtract three months from date - return 1st and last day of month

    Example : Date in A5 = 31/10/2022 Cell B9 = =EDATE(A5,-3) gives me 31/07/2022 Cell A9 = =EDATE(B9,-3)+1 returns 01/05/2022 These results are great. But when I change the date in A5 to 30/11/2022, dates in B9 changes to 30/08/2022 (which is not the last day of that month) and A9 returns...
  3. R

    Macro to add month sheets containing days

    Hi, I have a VBA code (see below) for a macro button to add month sheets in a workbook. Now the month sheets are sorted from January to December, but I would like them to be sorted from December to January; while still keeping differently named sheets at the end of the worksheet tabs. After...
  4. F

    DATEDIF to show both positive and negative years, months and days

    Hi, I am trying to use a formula to show both positive and negative years, months and days between two date columns. I can get where I want showing a positive or negative number of months using =IF(L2>M2,-DATEDIF(M2,L2,"M"),(DATEDIF(L2,M2,"M"))) Where column L is "Retail Sale Date" and column...
  5. N

    Calculation issues.

    I am having a hell of an issue that i can not figure out. So I have 6 teams with three months of data I need to track. Each team has a goal they need to achieve each month based on how many people are on that team. This goal changes with the number of people on the team. This is at the bottom of...
  6. E

    Formula Help - racheting

    I would really appreciate help with the following formula as I just can't get it to work. For each failure during a month I get charged 10 If I fail three months in a row I get charged and extra 50%, so 15 per failure. If I fail again in the next month I get an additional 50% on top, so it's...
  7. P

    averaging months

    I have a situation where i have 12 months in a row acroos my worksheet.( Jan-Dec), and i have 6 catgories with total number of students that attend across the top. each month has 4 dates. so what you have is each month they meet weekly and i have a attendance number. I another place on the...
  8. H

    Formula to show a date based on a proximity score

    Hi all. I have a document in which a score (1 to 5) is used to indicate a time period in which it is felt a risk would be likely to occur. Closer that risk is to actually happening, the higher the score. The scoring is as follows and is entered manually by the user: 5 is within a month, 4...
  9. apgmin

    Loan amortisation

    When we give a loan to a friend, the payments are at most erratic, some months they repay the exact emi, some months they skip all together and some months the pay excess. now most of the loan amortisation tables show the month of payment, emi amount, principal deducted, interest deducted and...
  10. M

    Rounding the months and days in between 2 dates

    I'm calculating number of months and days in between 2 dates (jan1 2019 & Dec 31, 2019) using a formula Value(Datedif(A1,B1,"M")&"."&datedif(a1,b1,"md")+1) and i am getting a result of 11.31 but i wanted to appear as 12 instead (since 31 completes the whole month). I want to get the real...
  11. megera716

    Calculate # of months between two dates

    I know this is such an easy one, but I'm not getting the desired result and there's a lot of complicated formulas out there that are throwing me off! I just want to calculate the difference between month numbers. So April (4) and October (10) is 6. September (9) and October (10) is 1. December...
  12. R

    Case Statement and For next loop

    Hello, My workbook has a tab for each month. When I’m in a specific month, I run the macro below to add a name to the Totals tab. It places the name on the first available row for that months chart. I created name rages for column A for each months chart on the totals tab. Example...
  13. willow1985

    Current Month minus 2 months

    Hello, I know the formula to find the previous month name: =TEXT(TODAY()-DAY(TODAY()),"mmmm") But how could you modify this to give you minus 2 months or 3 months? I am looking to reference another column to maybe minus number sequences from 0 - 6 subtracting a month at a time but I need it...
  14. R

    Need a better formula

    Hello, I have a set of consumption data, where I am trying to count by 2 months frequency and take an average. Since I have a data from 2012 till date my formula works fine but I am tired doing the loops. Below is the sample of data from what I am trying to achieve. <tbody> #ACB9CA[/URL]...
  15. O

    Automatic Rolling Months

    Hello Guys, I am actually having an issue where i am using dependant drop down with excel and i want to add to my existing formula data for 24 and 36 months planning, can someone help me please as my actual formula is as per below: =INDEX(ListeMois,MOD($AB$29+COLUMNS($E$54:E54),12)+1) in fact...
  16. F

    Sum numbers using two row and sum the numbers greater then 0 using row 1 as the default

    I have row 1 (2019) totals Row 2 (2018) totals. Row 2 has all 12 months worth of data. Row 1 has 9 months worth of data. I need the sum of all 9 months in row 1 and the last 3 of row 2. That easy enough. Now when I collect the totals for the 10th month of row 1 I then need the total for...
  17. D

    Month by Number

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to calculate months mathematically. For example, if this month is October (10) and I want to go back 3 months to July (7), is there an easy way to show this? Here's what I have: <tbody> A B 1 10 <--using "=MONTH(TODAY())" 2 Oct <--using...
  18. T

    Number of missing months between two anniversary dates

    Hello, Used the following formula but the results I'm getting is not what I'm expecting. =DATEDIF(A1,B1,"m")+DAY(B1)/(32-DAY(B1-DAY(B1)+32))-DAY(A1)/(32-DAY(A1-DAY(A1)+32)) For example: Cell A1: 3/30/2018 Cell B1: 3/1/2019 The number of months missing should be 12, but I'm getting 10.06...
  19. C

    Formula issue - mortgage/installment plan

    Hi, Please see the picture linked to below and open it in a separate tab to zoom it: I am trying to create a formula to use in O2:Z2 (blue cells). I want it to do the following: Look for invoices in C3:N3, if true, then divide it by number of mortgage months in B3...
  20. R

    Compute data in other cell if cell is blank

    Question: How many employees were promoted more than 7 months ago (Column C)? If they were not promoted, then how many employees were hired more than 7 months ago (Column B)? <tbody> Employee Hire Date Last Promotion Date Employee 1 <tbody> 09/12/2013 </tbody> 01/01/2018 Employee 2...

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