1. S


    My company has upgraded to Excel 2019, and I previously used a morefunc plugin which no longer seems to be compatible. Specifically, I'm getting errors with SHEETOFFSET, which I believe was part of morefunc. I have found a few examples of SHEETOFFSET online, but they are all different, and so...
  2. V

    Call for morefunc xll for 64-bit Excel

    Hi everybody! I know that this question has been rarely discussed over the internet and still has no solution. Many users know about really great add-in MOREFUNC with very useful functions. But it works only in 32-bit Excel version. So right now 64-bit version of Morefunc is been looking by...
  3. G

    Morefunc in 64 bit windows but 32 bit excel version

    I couldn't get Morefunc to work in 32-bit Excel with 64 bit operating system. I thought installing 32-bit Excel would allow for 32 bit add-ins to work.
  4. R

    Replacement for INDIRECT.EXT?

    For many years now, I have been using INDIRECT.EXT through MoreFunc to pull information from an external documents. I have just upgraded to Office 2016 (from 2007) and have discovered that my documents no longer work. So I need a replacement. One of the big uses was in our budget. The salary...
  5. K


    In the past I used an Add-In called MoreFunc. But with new versions of Excel (2010) I have not been able to get it to work always on others machines. I use the LASTROW function quite often and when I send the file to others of course it will not work. LASTROW function returns the data in the...
  6. M

    MoreFunc Installation Error

    I am trying to install MoreFunc on my computer, but during setup the program keeps popping up a not valid screen in the select program folder. Is there something wrong with the computer? I have used the link provided on the recommended add-ins thread. I have attached a snippet, which hopefully...
  7. I

    Indirect and accessing closed workbooks

    Excel 2013 and still indirect wont work with closed books. I am needing to reference a closed book and have previously used the following: =IF(E38="","",VLOOKUP(E38,'S:\PB\[2014-04-01-InternalCatalog.xlsx]Catalog'!$A$2:$H$1000,2,FALSE)) Its clunky but it works. Then I thought I would...
  8. F

    Can I sort concatenated text strings based on other values (using MCONCAT)?

    I have scoured this forum for the answer, but this issue doesn't seem to have been addressed yet. Here's the deal. I am using a formula that searches through a separate sheet for all text strings that match up with a certain Billing ID and Date. On that separate sheet, each of the text strings...
  9. E

    MoreFunc EVAL question

    I recently downloaded Morefunc for excel and have been playing around with some of the functions. Truth be told I downloaded morefunc for its EVAL function which, from what I understand can accomplish the following: In A1:A3 (for instance) a1 = 3 a2 = + a3 = 5 =evaluate(a1&a2&a3) And the...
  10. D

    Conditional Format Problem

    Hi all, Looking for help on a conditional format formula that is based on a text range within a cell. In my case, I would like to compare the low and high range when inputted as a number followed by the quotation marks followed by space then hyphen, space then number and ending in quotation...
  11. A

    MoreFunc Array.Join Alternative

    Hey everyone, Do any of you know an alternative to the Array.Join function (either formula or UDF) in Excel as I have traced the source of my crashing workbooks to this function which in all instances concatenate two named ranges of text data, and then produce a list of unique values using the...
  12. A

    MoreFunc Add-In Value Error in HSORT and VSORT

    Greetings, this is my first time on MrExcel forum. I have a problem that I have not been able to solve and I was hoping that someone else may have had a similar experience. Here is my problem: Yesterday I installed the morefunc version 5 add-in, downloaded fine (from CNET), installed fine...
  13. C

    Morefunc stopped working

    I think Laurent Longre's moregfunc is great and it is often referred to on this forum. I am using Longre's MCONCAT extensively in a spreadsheet I am building, it could be said to be the centre of the spreadsheet's functionality. A few nights ago (Western Australian time - Tue 3rd...
  14. A

    Morefunc ARRAY.JOIN function

    Hey there, Has anyone experienced the ARRAY.JOIN function producing different results (when combined WITHIN the UNIQUEVALUES function) when used in the same workbook, but opened on different computers all using the same OS (Windows XP) and the same version of Excel (2007 with all updates...

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