1. rjbinney

    Tagging Data in Excel

    I don't think "Smart Tags" are my answer here. I have a column with lots of anecdotal data in it, and I would like to be able to sort it into various buckets. I can add columns for each "bucket", and either have it checked or not, but that seems like overkill. Is there a way to just add tags...
  2. M

    Use of Conditional Formatting

    Hi...please be gentle, as its my first post! I'm attempting to use conditional formatting to return a response of "Mornings" , "Afternoons" or "Nights" from a column which has a time reference. The boundaries are:- Mornings are between 06:00 to 13:59 Afternoons are between 14:00 to 21:59...
  3. A

    Converting Spreadsheet to Calendar

    I have a spreadsheet set up as below where people have filled out preferences for shifts. However, I want to create individual google/iCal calendars for each person and so need to rearrange my data to have the dates along the top and the the different names as rows- with the table being filled...

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