move cell

  1. S

    Move cells/ semi-automate categorizing data

    Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance you can please lend. The simplified version: - I have 4 lists, with headings in cells A1, B1, C1 and D1: 'General', 'Code', 'Apples', 'Oranges' - Initially, only the 'General' list is populated; and cells A2-A10 contain: Tangerine...
  2. E

    VBA: Move through combobox code with shift + tab (multiple cmds)

    Hi i made a combobox, because i needed the autofill. Now i want to move through the combobox with shift + tab -> offset (0,-1) My code so far: Private Sub Manufacturer_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer)'Moving through dropdown cell (keycode left/right arrow...
  3. H

    Move excel direction from left to right

    hi, Is it possible or any method to move the cell direction from left to right when entering cell. Without using advanced editing in Excel options. Default direction is down. I need to use it in my table. So when entering cell the direction will move to right not down as default. Mine sometimes...
  4. J

    Conditional Formatting -- "Applied To" Keeps Changing

    I've searched the stickies and FAQs and haven't found anything -- after 20+ hours of dedicated research I HAVE to ask you folks how to do this... I have ~10 conditional formatting rules applied on a worksheet. Nine apply to Column H and the other to Columns A-N. If I ever copy and paste ANY...
  5. B

    Excel macro to move columns to 1 row after each other

    I was hoping someone could help me write or find a macro that would take two columns and move it to column A under the previous data and repeat for all columns. Basically user information is located in pairs of columns (typeofvalue, value). So column A and B are for user1, column C and D are...
  6. V

    how to loop macros for the all rows ?

    i have all the data under A i want move a1 to a1 a2 to b1 a3 to c1 a4 to d1 a5 to e1 a6 to f1 and then again a7 to a2 a8 to b2 and so on.... and the file is too large to do manually please write a macro for me.... i dont know much about excel.... please give me the code.
  7. M

    Relocate Data Based On Text

    Alright, so I have been trolling the Intertubes and came across some VERY helpful code from this very forum, so it seems reasonable that the proper thing to do is ask the question in this very same forum. What I have is a bunch of little routines to conduct simple Find(s) & Replace(s), as well...
  8. B

    move contract numbers to new column if same ID #.

    Hi Guys, I have hit a roadblock with my excel skills. In column A1-A70000+ I have Property ID numbers and column B1-B70000+ there are contract numbers. each property ID has up to 3 contract numbers associated with it. I need to move each contract number that matches to C1,D1,E1. if it is the...
  9. D

    Move Data to Master Sheet and Clear Cell

    Im Looking for a macro "VBA" Code to Move Data "$" from Sheet 1 "Input" to Sheet 3 "Master Sheet" >BackGround< <BACK Ground> On the Sheet 3 "Master Sheet" i have about 1600 Names \ One Sheet 1 "Input" i have a Look up Option that Gets Some Data for Review but i want to be able to Put Some...
  10. A

    Move to next cell in autofilter result

    Hello, I'm working with a .txt file openned at Excel. As information doesn't come from a database itself, I must rearrange data. Once I have the information in Excel it looks like: ______A________ |_______B_________| 1 |Arrival time___ |__Number/Modifier _| 2 |_____________...
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