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    I need help writing a Daily Average Formula

    Howdy, I have a problem that I can't figure out, and I'm hoping someone here can give me a hand. For the past several years I have been keeping a record of how far I walk/run/cycle each day via Excel. It has worked great for letting me see my average year by year. However, I have one Excel...
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    Moving Average Based On Time Period

    I have data from a datalogger which varies in the time interval it was collected, sometimes the data is collected every hour, sometimes every 15 minutes. Column A has date/time info (ex: 6/3/16 9:52:00) and Column B have the raw readings (ex: 0.00025). I would like to be able to create graph...
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    12 month moving average

    I need help calculating a 12 month rolling average for employee turnover for the month of January. After I get the turnover, then I need to display this in a graph or sort. I'm lost. I know how to do the rolling average for each the turnover and the headcount, then calculate Jan turnover, BUT...
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    Auto Adjusting moving average, please assist

    Hello everyone, I'm a day trader and would like to make a formula that adjusts a moving average with just one input change. I'm trying to get the average of the last X amount of days and change this based on the input of Days in test. I also want it to test only the number of days in test all...
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    Days Moving Average with Non-Consecutive Days Data

    Hello, This is part of my data set on my fuel spending which I am trying to analyse: <tbody> 23/02/2013 $53.88 3/03/2013 $47.80 16/03/2013 $53.16 20/03/2013 $87.81 3/04/2013 $31.88 4/04/2013 $79.28 17/04/2013 $43.41 23/04/2013 $70.37 2/05/2013 $68.39 23/05/2013 $84.36...
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    Returning a moving average across colums

    Hi all, There are any number of posts on this topic but all are based on data in adjacent columns. I have to get a cell to return the average of the last 5 values entered in a row but cannot get it to work. Probably because I can't fully understand what the row and column settings mean in the...
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    Moving Average in VBA

    Hi. I've been looking all over and the rest of the web, but every post about VBA code for moving averages isn't exactly a solution for what I want to do. I'm working with very large amounts of data. About 10 years of daily stock returns, and doing 10 stocks at a time (that's about...
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    Excel 2003 - Average of data entered in last 28 days

    I'm having a few issues calculating an average that includes a changing dataset. Column A: Date data in entered Column H: The data i want to find the average of Cell L1 - Where I need the result. The number of data rows changes every day but the dates the data relate to aren't always entered...
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    How to Calculate Moving Average for Different Period

    Hi all, I would like to use Excel to calculate the Moving Average for Dow Jones or SP500 in Excel. For example I have a set of data, said 500 data in Column A, when I entered a different period, say 5 or 10, in B1, can Excel give Moving Average in Column C for 5 day Moving Average or 10 day...
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    Calculating Moving Average for different uniques

    I have a table with hundreds of uniques all with performance data for 30 days. I want to calculate the moving average for a variable number of days (i.e. 4 day moving average). I saw a couple of posts in this forum but I didnt quite get it to work. Thanks!
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    Rolling/Moving Average

    Hello Is there anyway to automatically calculate a 12 month rolling average from a pivot table, without having to create an additional seperate table? I've tried many searches about this on the internet and came up with nothing that seems to be conclusive :confused: Any help you could...
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    Question Re: Monthly Running Sum query

    Hello everything, This seems like a great forum and its my first time posting so Ill do my best to be as clear as possible... I have a table, lets call it "MyTable", it contains 3 fields: ID (Autonumber), LogDate (Date), Volume (currency) I need to create a query based on this table with two...
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    More elegant moving average

    I'm not an advanced excel user, but have figured out an layman's solution to my first problem. The issue is the second problem. I'm looking for a 30 day moving average that automatically updates based on newly entered data. I've successfully used the following formula to return a 7-day moving...
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    Speed Challenge

    Hello I have a friendly challenge for the board. I have some code I built that I want to see if anyone can improve the performance of. I never had any formal VBA education other than the trial and error method and learning from looking at different code on this board. Here is the challenge...
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    Creating Moving Average in Pivot Tables

    Hi Is there any way to create an average on each row of data in a pivot table when you have one column giving you a monthly total and are using a calculated field giving the ongoing running total for the year to date. Don't seem to be able to use the running total as a field in another...
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    Calculating Moving Average

    We are developing a tiered commission structure for our sales reps whereby the percent commission they earn will be based on the recent moving average of their sales. For example, if salesperson X has a 60 day moving average of $25,000 in sales, they would earn a higher percentage of...
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    Moving Average in Pivot Table Calculating off Percentages

    Moving Average in Pivot Table Calculating off Percentages- <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Need it to Calculate off Actuals (Need to Use a Range)<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I have a pivot table that filters by three data fields: Card...

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