moving cells

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    Trying to move data from every 3rd row to up 1

    Hello all, I'm trying to create a VBA macro to move the yellow highlight cells to the green cell just like how you see it in the picture below. The amount of rows of information can be from 40 line to 900 so I would need something that would continue moving cells over until there isn't any...
  2. J

    move cells where data on top of column.

    Hi guys, I am trying to move cells on the Product ID cells. <tbody> HEIN4 MC Product ID Prdouct Group 426 3 59 3 68 3 78 3 72 3 </tbody> Here is the example of data and I would like to move HEIN4 move down 5 and go left 2. Then Move MC 3 down and...
  3. S

    Can I move certain data points that are in their own rows to be in a single row that creates a "master data point"?

    Hi, I apologize if my title did not accurately represent my problem, but the image below illustrates my issue: imgur: the simple image sharer Basically, I am working with a large set of study data, and I need to pare it all down to a single row per study entry. As you can see in the image...
  4. R

    Copying a finite cell (not finite cell psotition) as it moves around after various "sorts".

    How can I copy the cell value in a cell (for example a value that may change from time to time as it is dependent on other data) to another cell, where the cells exist on different rows and rows that I will be sorting regularly in different ways? (so the target cell and reference cell are both...
  5. L

    Moving cells around in a worksheet

    I have a worksheet with the word "Provider:" in column C that appears in ramdon rows. I need to move the contains of the cell in column D that follows the word "Provider:" in column C. I need to move it column B and down one row. Appreciate any assistance!
  6. N

    Excel Macro query

    Please help me to write a macro to perform a basic function. Sadly i am so thick and dont seem to be able to sort it out myself. i have a spreadsheet with all information in column A The information is in cells as follows A1 A3 A5 down to 16800 every second row is blank I need to move the...
  7. J

    Moving text to another cell dynamically with macro

    Hi everyone! I´m new to the forum and VBA/macro-programming aswell. I need help solving a quite easy(I think) problem. The background I've an excel with a couple of thousand information that should be on the following form Account# data1 data2 data3 Right now, the excel looks like this: Column A...
  8. L

    Date comparison

    Hello all, I have many entries on an excel sheet (each entry going horizontally A-H) and I would like excel to check if the current date is later than the goal date (column E), so to check if it is overdue. For overdue events, I then want that entire entry to be placed in another sheet in the...
  9. B

    Loop until end of table help?

    I'm having trouble with figuring out how to loop through a table of data that has been input. The goal is to copy two values (Sheet1 A2, C2) from the table, put them on the same place on another table (Sheet 2 $B$3,$B$4), do a quick calculation, and copy the result back to the first table...

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