1. S

    Merging two formulas

    Hi, I am trying to put two separate formulas into one, but I am being given a #VALUE ! error in return. Every single one of them is working fine on it's own, but together there seems to be something wrong. Code 1 Code 2 Consolidated Anyone has any ideas? Thanks
  2. M

    Cells moving together with another cell

    Hi, I have a question regarding cells - I have 2 columns with 10 rows and want the 2nd column numbers to be linked (moving) with the numbers in the 1st column. For example, if A2 changes to A5 (based off filter sorting) B2 will also automatically change with it and move to B5. Is this...
  3. E

    Moving from MS Excel to Project (WBS)

    I am moving from an Excel worksheet to a MS Project file. I have a WBS column in Excel, and I copy it over to the Project file with my other columns. I want the summary tasks and sub-tasks to be formatted via the WBS I copy over from Excel. Can someone help me with this? Thanks!
  4. Y

    Find first non #N/A value in either direction

    In Column B1:B14 there are values for relative distance in elevation, which are divided in 14 zones. If you are moving down in elevation the #N/A's will be at the top zones, if you begin moving up in elevation #N/A's will be at the bottom. Basically any zone that is not in the direction in...
  5. D

    Keeping rows in place

    How can I keep the top row from moving and stay at the top of each page. Ex, I have the first page with Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed and on the top of each page but when I add a row it moves them down. How can I keep the top row from moving?
  6. G

    Moving Rows

    I used to be able to move rows by typing Shift-Spacebar to select the target row, Ctrl-x to cut the row, moving the cursor to cell A whatever and typing Alt-I > e to insert the row in its new location. This is no longer working. Does anyone have any idea why?
  7. E

    Angle of Simple Moving Average line in excel

    I was hoping you good folks could help with a slope/angle question which has stumped me (I'm a complete newbie so bear with me): I have 2 columns: Col_A has time and Col_B has price and I'm able to plot these on a line graph and add a 7 point simple moving average (SMA_7) using the excel...
  8. A

    Lost an Object While Moving Frames Around My Userform

    I have designed a pretty complicated userform. In my process of tweaking it through the VBA interface (moving frames full of obects), I seem to have lost a textbox object. I had a textbox named tb_comment2. It was within a frame (frame116), which was in itself nested in another frame...
  9. J

    Update Macro Moving Dupe Records

    Hi, I have the below code which works fine to identify duplicates. Currently it is moving 1 of the 2 duplicate records to the 'Duplicates' sheet but I would actually like it to move both of the duplicate records. I can't quite figure out how to tweak my code to accomplish that so any tips and...
  10. A

    Moving a Dynamic chart

    Is there any way of moving a Dynamic Chart with tick boxes that control the visable data in to power point and the tick boxes and hard to still work
  11. S

    Move Selection Up & Down Around Other Selections

    I can't figure this out, I have a AppleScripts that will move the highest row selected to the bottom of the selection and vice versa but won't move the selected rows up or down while retaining the selection. If there were some way to get selection and then just move the top and bottom rows down...
  12. A

    exponential moving average formula help, please...

    Greetings all - I am trying to build a formula to calculate an exponential moving average. Have searched both Mr Excel and elsewhere and have gotten several (conflicting) answers. I thought I had gotten this right yesterday, but now that I am validating things, I've found that what I have is...
  13. L

    what to do with vba codes when moving from Excel 2010 to 2016

    Hello, my company is finally moving from office 2010 to 2016...can someone please let me know how to handle the upgrading when it comes to all the codes residing in different workbooks including personal.xlsb and .xlam? Do I need to export everything then import them again or they will just work...
  14. V

    Show values in bottom row when moving up or down through cells

    Hello, Anyone knows a formula on how can it shows values in any row bottom when moving up or down through cells with values ?
  15. A

    Moving average on filtered table

    I have a simple worksheet with a table with 3 columns and >400 rows. In column A are names (not unique) , in column B are measured values, and in column C I want to have the moving average of the last 8 values of column B So, in cell C14 the formula is "=average(B7:B14)" or...
  16. G

    Finding current month sales using moving averages only.

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find what operation I need to do to find out how much sales I did in a specific month by only using 5 month moving averages of sales. So, if May sales of 36 units roll off the moving average and the moving average goes from 51 in Aug to 66 in Sep. What operation do I need...
  17. G

    Finding last value using only moving averages.

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find the latest monthly value but I only have access to data that represents a moving average of the last 12 months. What operation should I do to extrapolate what the last monthly data point is? Example: <colgroup><col width="64" span="24" style="width:48pt">...
  18. F

    Moving data from Excel to Access

    Hi guys, I have created an "Archive" sheet which will hold 60 rows per day. The sheet is likely to get very big very quickly so I'm considering using Access DB as a way of storing the data. Is there a neat automated way of moving the archive data into an Access DB e.g. VBA? Thanks!
  19. T

    Moving average skipping cells that contain certain character

    <tbody> wind.size 3 0 - 8 4 3 - 2 1 27 4 5 3 2 10 </tbody> 1) I want to create a moving average (going to the right) with a defined window size (A2). 2) I don't want to return a number if the character above is a dash. 3) For the moving average I want to skip cells that...
  20. K

    Moving Dates in quarters

    hi, Just need a bit of help with some data for over due invoices. for example the data will look like <colgroup><col><col span="3"><col span="4"><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Date Balance Current P1 P2 P3 P4 Older Due Date Payment Terms Days Overdue 19/09/2017 2,160.00...

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