1. B

    Moving a shape to a selected cell

    I have a couple of questions about shapes including counting the specific text in them. I have a code that I was helped with some time ago for moving shapes to specific cells. What I want to do is instead of moving it , when click on I want it to copy and paste it into the cell that I select...
  2. L

    Lookup Nth Match Multiple Criteria

    Hey, I can't work this one out and I've looked everywhere but can't wrap my brain around it properly. I'm trying to return a value with 2 criteria and moving past the duplicates, from a standard INDEX MATCH SMALL IF ROW the ROW at the end returns the array of the SMALL but it's not moving past...
  3. P

    Active X buttons move every time button is clicked

    I have an issue with the Active X buttons in my workbook. Every time I click on those buttons, the button shifts to the left. I have locked the sheet. I have locked each button. I have changed the button property placement to 3. I have even tried Property placement 1. I have set all the button...
  4. L

    Moving Average Column Last 3 Values

    I'm trying to create a moving average so when I enter the values for each month, it averages the last 3 values in that row, even if the value for that month is zero (not blank). I'm not sure how to do this. The 3-Mo average would go in cell A2 and I would update the values in cells B2 through...
  5. N

    I want a table to travel with the scroll.

    I have two tables, side by side. After I enter data in t1, I have to enter data in t2. Table 1: A1:H91 Table 2: J1:k49 As I move downward in table 1, I want table 2 to move with my scroll, so when I need to enter data in that table, it is right there, and I don't have to constantly scroll...
  6. J

    VBA code to move cells based on criteria

    Hi, I am after a bit of code that can copy cells that contain unique values into new cells but in the same sheet. In short I have a table that is produced by scanning items into the sheet, The barcode column (A) is populated by a scanner, which auto fills column B and C. Column C displays a...
  7. gallen

    Active X command buttons moving and resizing.

    I did a presentation yesterday demonstrating a spreadsheet I have designed. It works perfectly on my widescreen monitor. Unfortunately, the presentation had to be done on a projector and the best aspect ratio was 4:3 not 16:9. At first this didn't pose much of an issue as I have code to...
  8. N

    Calculate hitrate in PowerPivot

    Hi, I'm not very experienced in using PowerPivot but I have come pretty far by using Google. However, this time around Google can't help me. I'm trying to figure out how I can calculate hitrate based on PowerPivot data. I have created a sample data set that looks like the one I'm working on...
  9. N

    Moving average based on 'hidden' data

    Hi, I have create a Power PivotTable (2010) with sales data from each month from 2011 - today. From the PivotTable I have created a PivotChart. I only want to see sales data from the last 13 months in my chart so i have created a report filter for that. However, I would also like to see a 12...
  10. J

    Fluid (moving) sum formula

    Hi everyone! New coder here, I'm just wondering if I could get some help on some simple code. I'm trying to create a macro that allows me to continuously get the sum of multiple weeks. Each time I run the macro, it adds one additional week. This is the tricky part as I'm not sure what I...
  11. C

    Moving, replacing and clearing cell data while making a list of the moved items

    <tbody> I'm so new it hurts...but I'm trying. I just don't see this problem listed in the forum. What am I missing? A B C F G <tbody> TIME NAME AGENT ROLE/NOTES </tbody> </tbody> <tbody>...
  12. B

    moving an EXCEL file

    I am changing the name of an EXCEL 2007 workbook ('A.xls' to 'AB.xls') and then changing its location to another folder. I then am creating another workbook with the original name ('A.xls) and placing it in the original folder. Very simple and routine. I have a desktop shortcut pointed to the...
  13. L

    Moving average in a column

    Hi All! This is my second question in this great forum - thanks to CircledChicken, my first question was perfectly answered. This question should be easier I guess and it is again about referencing. I have the following table: <tbody> A B C D E 1 =average(B1:B3) 1 2 =average(C2:C4)...
  14. F

    Advanced excel doubts - periods with different "k"(s)

    Hello everyone! Imagine I want to get the top-3 "Value" of each period of three days (in this case from 30/4 until 2/5, the top-3 values would be 78, 70, 68), aditionally I want to roll this top-3 over the time, so the second in analysis period would be (1/5 until 3/5), the third (2/5 until...
  15. N

    3 week rolling average, excluding blanks

    Hi, I'm looking for help with a 3 week rolling average. I have my spreadsheet set up with Data in columns NY through to OT as below NY NZ OA OB Week 1 Week 2 Week 3...
  16. A

    1 year moving days Max and Min

    I am looking for an Excel formula to display on a new cell the max and min values of the trailing year data, assuming the cells are always updated with new data. Below is the example of the table. (Column B=Date, Column C=Time period, Column D=Index, Column E=Price). Rows/Columns B...
  17. B

    Replace Words from end to beginning

    Hey MrExcel ! i have a question about replacing over 1700+ rows words.. this is what needs to be done basicly; row1: word1/word2/word3/word4 I want to replace the words in this way, note the numbers; word4/word2/word3 I want to replace word1 with word4, deleting word1 but keeping word4 at...
  18. T

    Moving files via VBA

    Hi, I have a file (Doc1.csv) saved down at C:\Documents\ and need to move it to C:\Folder 1\ What is the script I need, to add this to my macro? Many thanks for your help.
  19. W

    Question on Calculating Moving Sum

    Hey everyone, Just looking for some quick help on how to calculate a moving sum: Let’s say that I have 2 years of sales information broken up by months. Is there a way for excel to recognize every time I add a new month’s worth of data and automatically calculate the sum of that cell the...
  20. A

    How to move Excel graphs in Powerpoint using arrow keys?

    Hopefully this is an easy one. After I paste an excel graph into powerpoint, is there a way to move it around using the arrow keys instead of dragging? I want more control over the movement that dragging doesn't allow. Images and excel tables can be moved with the arrow keys, but when using...

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