1. M

    Editing MP3 Tags

    MP3 files have imbedded metadata that I would like to edit. I have between 35K and 40K files that I would like to edit one or two fields in each. I would also like to export to an Excel database a selection of fields: Title, Artist, Comment and so on. I can open each individual file in File...
  2. H

    Play Mp3 Files on Value in Cell

    Is it Posible to play a Mp3 File on given value Your Regards from Hjemmet
  3. R

    Remove and replace parts of text string in cell

    Long story short, my large playlist in my music data base got messed up during a sync. I have a good m3u file but I need to change the path of each file to match the database locations. So I would love to use a formula or vb to do the following: Remove the first 3 characters after the third ""...
  4. J

    Excel VBA To Play Specified Sound Extension File Type Without Visually Showing Any Music Player Program

    Good Day Everyone, I am trying to understand the limitation of Excel, In The Year 2017, as it relates to playing music/audio extension files via VBA. I have seen successful ways of playing WAV sound files without visually opening an additional music player program. Can someone PLEASE tell me...
  5. M

    Problem with playing a MIDI File

    Play a MIDI File With Excel VBA | dBforums – Everything on Databases, Design, Developers and Administrators I tried this file to play my mp3 file in excel, it works, but only once When I tried to play it again, it didn't response, same as if I use []statement to play it and I can play...
  6. G

    Edit ID3 tag - issue updating Comments tag

    I have written 2 separate routines to read and update MP3 ID3 tags. I am facing an issue with the Update Tag routine. It updates all tags except for the Comment tag. I have pasted my code below. Appreciate if someone can let me know if I am doing something wrong...
  7. G

    mp3 or wav in code - how do I stop once played

    here is code that works good until it repeats and does not end until manual stop - help Sub PLAYSONG() REQ_B = 100001 'skip1 for PLAY_Q test ' GoTo NOK 'skip1 end Application.ScreenUpdating = False If REQ_B > 199999 Then GoTo NOK Else DR_L = ActiveCell.Address...
  8. B

    Audio File Randomizer

    I have pieced together a macro that will play a song according to a schedule that I have laid out. The problem that I am running into is that people are getting sick of the same song and its a pain to redefine the file destination all of the time. I need a way to randomize the songs being...
  9. dukeofscouts

    file indetail view to excel

    I would like to use Excel to analize my MP3 files. Basically I'd love to take the detail view from the folders I have the files in and transfer that data into excel. Is there a tool I can use to accomplish this?

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