ms access 2010

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    Ms Access Sub Report Giving one record multi pal times

    Hi all I am new in this grout i have a query regarding the sub report. i have an parent report in which sub report is placed. when i manually open the parent report then sub report binds with one record in multi pal times like record 1 record 1 record 1 ..... , and when i manually open the...
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    Query Not returning all Reccords

    I have been hunting trying to find the solution an I have tracked down the problem to be with the joins in my query but it keeps returning syntax errors when I try to change it. I need the table classes to be the main table for the query. I need to see all of those records and I just want the...
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    Iif function not returning any true values

    I am trying to create a report that automatically create my spring and fall contracts. I label each semester with a S for Spring and F for fall followed by the the two digit year (ex S15 for Spring 2015). In the table this is a text column. I am trying to make it so that it if Semester has an S...
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    data not entered through data entry form does not display in query or report

    I am new to access 2010 I have created tabels and forms to enter data in tabel when i import data through excel it does not show in reports The reports are generated through query criteria

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