ms access

  1. S

    Exporting 2 tables using 2 queries into one Excel file (2 different tabs)

    Hello. I have the following script that is working. A ID table is opened, txtDist= ID command pulls one ID at a time. Query output is named output and then transfered to a output tab in a output.xls file Renames the file and then loops again until it finishes the entire ID table. I want to...
  2. S

    Export Access Table data to Excel - DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet function

    Hello. I have a vb script in Access. Its been working fine for years. Basically the script uses a bunch of OpenQuery & TransferSpreadsheet Export commands. DoCmd.OpenQuery "Sample Query1" DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "Sample Query1 Export", "c:\text..xls", True...
  3. L

    VBA read colors from file

    Hello, can someone help me how to make this in MS access VBA code to read from .txt file the colors Example: Let's say my file name is called "Colors.txt" Inside of it i have this information: "W" = RGB(255,255,255) "B" = RGB(0,0,0) and so one.. And inside my access file i have table where it...
  4. S

    MS Access RetVal Command

    Hello. I currently have some vb code in Access that is working. The code looks at a table in access. Lets say it has 400 line items of information. The script will take the first record, run a few queries, export each table to an excel file (template). Let's say the template is called test.xls...
  5. C

    Need a query or VBA code to identify and parse some values in final query

    Hi Forum. I just signed up. Looking for a solution to the following problem: I have a partially completed query called 'qNew_Prods' and a static table 'tbVendorColors'. I need to populate a field called 'color' for my final query using the tbVendorColors table. 95% of our vendors are...
  6. G

    Linking Excel to MS Access Table

    Hi I am new to MS Access and looking to edit data from an Access DB in Excel. I loaded the table into excel and deleted some data in one of the columns. After I have refreshed it, the data pops back up in excel like I never deleted it. Is there something I am doing wrong here??
  7. P

    External Table is not in the expected format - ms access 2013

    Hi. I am running the following vb command from access 2013. DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "123", "c:\test\test.xls", True Access 2013 - Excel 2013 The table 123 is created but the external table is not in the expected format appears and when I click on debug...
  8. P

    Copy Command in Access 2013 VB Issues

    Hello. The following command in an older version of Access used to work: RetVal = Shell("cmd /c copy /y C:\users\abc\desktop\output.xls C:\users\abc\desktop\split files" & txtDist & ".xls", vbHide) Copy an output file from access which is working and then moves it to the split file folder and...
  9. vds1

    SQL query works in MS Access but doesnt when called from excel VBA

    Hi Gurus - Thank you for looking into my problem. Below query works when i execute in MS Access. Its a standard query which i plan to call in Excel using ADO. select * from qryForwardRecon; When the above query is called using ADO in Excel VBA , i get zero records. Not sure what could be...
  10. M

    MS Access required field event procedure if another field contains a certain value

    I am working on a split form in ms access. I would like my form to not add a record if the Sending_Category = Contractors or Salaries & Benefits, and the Sending_FTE is blank. I have tried this as an on click event for the "Add Record" Macro, and on the form as a before update event. My "add...
  11. L

    Excel Online

    Here is my struggles. I had macros in my excel document which everything was working fine. We kept coming up with the problem that in order for someone to use it and they worked from home they had to vpn in. Next thing was if someone has to use it and make a change and another user has it open...
  12. svkroy

    FuzzyMatch Function/Logic

    A simple fuzzymatch logic that can be placed in an access module. This is a UDF(User Defined Function), and can be called from a query to retrieve suitable results. Variations can involve replacing special characters, vowels before matching so as to customise as per requirements. Function...
  13. S

    Importing data from Excel into Lookup field with values in Access table

    Dear Community, I am in the process of building my first database for all kinds of lubricants that my employer sells. However, I am now stuck trying to figure out how I can import the data from excell into a dropdown list with 7 values total. These values are: Can, Spray Can, Pail, Drum, Drum...
  14. A

    Run time error 31532- Microsoft Access cannot export the data.

    Hi, I am using below code to export table from access 2016 to excel but getting error saying: Run time error 31532: Microsoft Access cannot export the data Public Function ExportToexcel_DD() Dim output_fl As String stName = "\PRO" output_fl = CurrentProject.Path & stName &...
  15. O

    runtime error 3435 cannot delete spreadsheet cells

    Hi All, Thanks for putting in time for viewing my post. I am stuck with a runtime issue, the bit of code that seems to be causing an issue is the text below in bold "DoCmd.SetWarnings True strFile = arwGetPersonalFolder & "\BromptonLungFunction.xls" ' &...
  16. R

    VBA Command text connecting to ms access

    Hi Im trying run the below code that is connected to a ms access database... if i run the code based on any criteria apart from date it seems to work, however every time I use date as a criteria it fails with error 1004 "Application-defined or object-defined error" CommandText = Array( _...
  17. N

    MS Access SQL - data type mismatch

    Hi. While I've been writing Oracle SQL queries for a few years now, I'm relatively new to MS Access SQL. There are surprisingly few resources available online (via Google) for MS Access SQL. Given that, I'm having difficulty figuring out how to format a field which is text as a number (or vice...
  18. T

    MS Access form to capture inputs and or update the database accordingly.

    Hi, I have a team of 40 associates and currently, we have one excel based file with multiple columns to capture the data on a daily basis. These columns are bifurcated into Four parts: The first part, basic details: First 12 columns: Date, Month, Week #, Unique ID ( Aklphanumeric), Tracker...
  19. L

    Excel-VBA, MS Access with INNER JOIN

    Hello, I have a problem with importing data from ms access to excel with <acronym title="visual basic for applications">VBA</acronym>. I use "ADO Connection" to connect excel with acces. I have 2 tables in ms access. I want to get the newest comment from table p_comment for products. I...
  20. J

    Update MS Access Record from Excel Form with VBA

    Hi All I am curently updateing my "Excel Database" to a MS Access Database. when you open the Excel Workbook all the data is copied from the database into the Excel workbook. All new records into the database is via a Excel Form as below. <code class="bbcode_code"> Sub...

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