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    Excel VBA: Email List of Tasks Assigned To A User

    I created a project task spreadsheet that has a GANTT chart as a part of it using formulas and conditional formatting. It works rather well for tracking tasks, their completion %, task owner, etc. There are several "sections" that list tasks which fall under that classification. Every Tuesday I...
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    Help Sending appointments from Excel to Outlook

    Hi All, I want to use Excel to send appointments onto MS Outlook after people in my company have submitted their travel authorization report (to block the time they will be away, on their calendar , using the departure date and back-in-the- office date.) I am sorry if this is an old subject but...
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    MS Outlook Question

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to set up a recurring email message to be automatically sent, for example: I have several employees that collect data for me on a monthly basis. This would be forgotten by some if I did not send them an email to remind them to do this each month. What I would...

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