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  1. L

    Parameterized Query in non-graphical MS Query

    Hello, I am using MS Query to extract data from a QuickBooks company database. The query is complex enough that it "can't be presented graphically." Therefore, I cannot add parameters to it, at least not initially. After I get the data into Excel, I can then edit the Command Text within the...
  2. T

    MS Query error ODBC Excel Driver Login Failed

    Hi, I receive the below error when trying to edit a MS Query table by right clicking Table>Edit Query ODBC Excel Driver Login Failed The Microsoft Access database engine cannot open or write to the file ‘(unknown)’.It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to...
  3. T

    MS Query returning data to excel some columns I cant sum looks like text

    Hi im using Microsoft Query to pull data from a table on 1 sheet to another sheet in the same workbook. My problem is some of the columns I cannot sum looks like they are text (left aligned). I have about 20 columns and 7 columns will not sum (on table sheet1 some are straight number inputs...
  4. T

    Module & MS Query Compatibility From PC To Mac

    I have an spreadsheet which has Excel tables with team data on. On one page I'm using an MS Query with SQL to query these tables. Here's the original thread (If you really want to know)...
  5. M

    AutoFilterMode not working for table returned by query

    Hi - first post here in a long time, and could not find a related topic thru search. The problem I am trying to solve is turning off all filters on a table of data returned by MS Query (many columns, one or more of which may have a filter). However, ActiveWorksheet.AutoFilterMode and Active...
  6. A

    how to maintain formatting (such as highlighting) when importing in ms query

    I have a master log that I import using Microsoft Query to 4 other spreadsheets (called Regional Logs), depending on the contents of the column "Region." I have all this figured out, but I can't figure out how to have the highlighting persist through the export and refresh. I edit the Master...
  7. R

    MS Query help needed

    Morning everyone I currently have a sheet which calculates our customers' spend sorted by customer then by rep then week. This bit is working fine, I use an MS Query to fetch in all the jobs we have done so far this year. This list is getting a bit large already (30000+ rows) and I can...
  8. R

    How to change the format of a field in an Excel TABLE?

    I have data in an Excel 'table' which was returned from MS QUERY. (I'm using the word 'Table' formally here). One field has entries that look like dates as in '2012-04-01' but the field is a text field and not a date field, and I need to change it to a date field to make it useful to me. The way...
  9. O

    Microsoft Query - FULL OUTER JOIN of 3 tables

    Hi, I'd like to do a FULL OUTER JOIN of 3 tables in Excel. Each table has 4 columns - 3 categories (for joining) and one metric column. All the 3 joining columns are the same across the 3 tables. As MS Query does not support the FULL OUTER JOIN command it can only do this using UNION. There...
  10. KG Old Wolf

    MS Query Dropping Field Headings (not aliases)

    Thanks for reading and trying to help! I have several MS Queries in an Excel Workbook that are called from within a VBA macro. In one or two (varies) the query will return all the data I need but it will not have the database field names in the query result columns (it will show Column1...
  11. J

    Problem w/query & preserving sort order

    I'm creating a spreadsheet to be used for calling in employees for after hours and weekend work. I have a master spreadsheet which lists all employees, along with their work center, job skill & contact information. The call-in log is located in another workbook. There is a worksheet for each...
  12. J

    Excel 2007 - Data Connections - VBA to Loop through sheets amending SQL

    Hello, I regularly find myself manually changing the SQL in many different worksheets owing to a minor change in the criteria. For each sheet, the SQL is the same other than for the filtered field, Specialty. So: one sheet for Cardiology, one for Ophthalmology etc. I think this must be...
  13. M

    MS Query in Excel

    If I am pulling data from an external, Access table, Excel uses MS Query and it does not appear I can include multiple WHERE items in my sql statement. Even if I edit the properties and change it to say this: EnzymesMo.YYYYPP>='201102' AND EnzymesMo.Project ID='2121' It gives me an error...
  14. M

    Store user name each time MS Query accessed database

    Hi - I have an Excel file that is using MS Query to pull data from Access. I am wanting to store the username's initials in a table in MS Access each time the user queries the database via MS Query. Is this possible?
  15. C

    Excel File link to Access DB when location of DB has changed

    Hello, I have an xls file (around 10 tabs) with pivot tables that use an MS Access table as data base. Problem is: I have to frequently change the link to the Access DB as the DB is monthly put onto a different location (reporting purpose). Now, I am aware about how to change the link to the...
  16. A

    What is the difference between getting information via Access and MS Query?

    I have been trying to extract the same data set via an ODBC connection to a main frame database. One attempt has been using Access simply Query and the other via MS Query. The Access simple query does not return the information I need yet MS Query does. How can there be a difference if I am...
  17. A

    MS Query - Dates and INT functions

    Hi I am using MS Query to return data into Excel. I know Access but am quite new to MS Query and keep finding vast differences between the two!! I've looked on the help but it doesn't seem to be of any! I have two date fields which are formatted as dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm - and I need to take one...
  18. A

    MS Query - Dates and INT functions

    Hi I am using MS Query to return data into Excel. I know Access but am quite new to MS Query and keep finding vast differences between the two!! I've looked on the help but it doesn't seem to be of any! I have two date fields which are formatted as dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm - and I need to take one...
  19. Default300

    ?Use Dynamic Named Range as Table / DataSource in MS Query?

    QUESTION: Is it possible to use an Excel Dynamic Named Range as a Table / DataSource in MS Query? AIM: I would like to use a Dynamic Named Range to trim superfluous (blank) rows from the Table before MS Query queries it. I was able to achieve close to what I wanted with a Static Named Range...
  20. B

    External Data and User Entered Text

    I am importing data to excel from an external database though MS Query. The data is similar to the table below. This information is for a weekly report, and though the bulk of the information remains the same, there is some small change from week to week. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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