msg box

  1. E

    Trying to use a MSGBox in my loop

    The code below just loops through files and then sends them. But the MSGBox keeps appearing after I`ve send the Email? And the code will not end? Also it produces a email for each file type all file types if finds needs all be in the same Email. Sub Send_Email(EmailTo As String, EmailCC As...
  2. R

    Run-time error 6: Overflow on a Mac but not on Windows

    I've written a macro that begins by asking the user a yes/no question (see below). I have no problem running it on my Windows machine, but my boss is on a Mac and receives a Run-time error 6: Overflow error message. When he debugs, it points him to the If AnswerYes = vbYes Then line. The error...
  3. larinda4

    Msg box with 3 options - Call A Sub

    Good morning, I have three separate VBA codes and I want it to run a specific sub depending on the option selected from a MSG box? My three options for the msg box: - WI - WI, H&D - H&D The user will select which one and then I want it to call the sub depending on the selection. Can this be...
  4. V

    Macro vs Data Validation vs Ifs statement

    Hi, I have the following task and I am looking for the optimized solution. Please help. Problem statement. User inputs: B1: wage B2: income tax percent B3: social security percent B4: Age B5: =B1*(B2+B3) I need a solution to meet the following: If Age<30 then B5 <=10000 If Age>=30 then...
  5. V

    MsgBox If Offset Cell Value is Already True

    Hi, I currently have a searchable checklist that I would like to build in a function where if a row is selected by the values in column A, if there is already a True value for it in offset column E, it bounces back a message saying that it already is True (checked). User is only allowed to...
  6. U

    VBA Message Box for conditional formatting

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with columns G-J setup with conditional formatting based on dates. the cell will change to yellow if the expiration is 60 days out, and will turn red if the expiration date is 30 days or less. I would like to setup a vba code that will give me a pop-up message upon...
  7. U

    VBA pop-up message box for dates

    I am have a spreadsheet that I would like to get a pop-up msg box on upcoming expiration dates upon opening the workbook . My spreadsheet is like this: Column A - Driver Name Column F-I - Have various different expiration dates Sseveral columns beyond, with other driver information I am trying...
  8. F

    Counting Multiple instances

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the code for counting multiple instances of different text in a column and displaying it all under one msgbox as a summary. So far I have only been able to get one count going with the below code; However I want it to check for 6 different colors count how...
  9. G

    VBA Data validation with location of errors

    I have this workbook that has columns A through E with information. For column A, I was looking for a VBA that will compare the current data in the cell (starts at A2) until the end of data, to see if it matches with data in ("Sheet2") range would be G2 until the end of data. This will go...
  10. M

    VBA Message Box with 4 messages

    Hi I'd like to create a MsgBox that evaluates 4 conditions, please: If cells E1 and K1 are BOTH equal to zero, then it will say "All good." If cell E1 is NOT equal to zero, it will say "Check your supplier data" If cell K1 is NOT equal to zero, it will say "Check your location data" If...
  11. I

    How to have a message box appear if referenced workbook name is not correct?

    Hello. I made a long macro for myself and coworkers that references one static workbook multiple times. However, I have to edit the coding behind it once in a while and resend it. When this happens they are told to delete the others and make sure the name is the same. However, some are not tech...
  12. M

    Pop up messagebox every Monday

    HI , How can I do pop up message" do xyz " in excel every monday ?
  13. R

    VBA error message that notes row number

    Hey all, I had a VBA code that was working. It would look for an error condition when Ledger = ABC and Company = V3 and would prompt a message box advising the user "Error on row 20". They now want to look for company V3 or V4 so I changed the IF into a Case to look for multiple items and...
  14. R

    MsgBox Help

    Hey all, Thanks for your time in helping me. I have a list of names populating each row in column A In each row there are dates corresponding to the name in column A Some names have zero dates, some names have up to forty dates Example: name1 date1 date2 date3 name2 name3 date4 date5...
  15. A

    Msg Box Userform

    Hi Everyone, Hope all are fine. I have very basic knowledge about the VBA and looking out for some help. I have a combo box in excel userform (cmboxabc), which is depend on multiple options buttons and one textbox value. I want if all options buttons are unchecked and textbox value is blank...
  16. M

    MsgBox Prompt Variable

    I'm trying to make the value of a textbox become dynamically inserted into a message box. In the code below, I want NAME replaced with Me.TextBox2.Value. MsgValue = MsgBox("Are NAME's documents filed?", vbYesNo, "Training Documents") Thanks!
  17. D

    Msgbox based on cell value/text

    Hi simple one I think. I am trying to have a pop up msgbox appear if a cells value = yes. any help please.
  18. S

    Limit message from MsgBox only to when related cells change (not any cell))

    Hello, everyone. This is my first post! And I'm also brand spanking new to VBA, so bear with me. First, I'll explain what I'm trying to do. I manage a work order system in Excel and I want to pop up a message to the users inputting new work requests that alerts them if their requested...
  19. L

    MsgBox when user attempts to copy/paste

    Hello and thanks for your time. [I am using Microsoft Office 2013] I have prevented users from copying/pasting within a worksheet with the following VBA code (found online): Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Application.CutCopyMode = False...
  20. C

    run-time error 91 on Msg Box Code

    Hi all. I hope you can help I have a piece of code that is producing a run time error 91 I am trying to get a MsgBox to tell me if there is a sheet in my workbook called "In Progress" or else that is not in my workbook but it is creating an error on this line If = "In...

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