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    Pop up messagebox every Monday

    HI , How can I do pop up message" do xyz " in excel every monday ?
  2. R

    VBA error message that notes row number

    Hey all, I had a VBA code that was working. It would look for an error condition when Ledger = ABC and Company = V3 and would prompt a message box advising the user "Error on row 20". They now want to look for company V3 or V4 so I changed the IF into a Case to look for multiple items and...
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    MsgBox Help

    Hey all, Thanks for your time in helping me. I have a list of names populating each row in column A In each row there are dates corresponding to the name in column A Some names have zero dates, some names have up to forty dates Example: name1 date1 date2 date3 name2 name3 date4 date5...
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    Msg Box Userform

    Hi Everyone, Hope all are fine. I have very basic knowledge about the VBA and looking out for some help. I have a combo box in excel userform (cmboxabc), which is depend on multiple options buttons and one textbox value. I want if all options buttons are unchecked and textbox value is blank...
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    MsgBox Prompt Variable

    I'm trying to make the value of a textbox become dynamically inserted into a message box. In the code below, I want NAME replaced with Me.TextBox2.Value. MsgValue = MsgBox("Are NAME's documents filed?", vbYesNo, "Training Documents") Thanks!
  6. D

    Msgbox based on cell value/text

    Hi simple one I think. I am trying to have a pop up msgbox appear if a cells value = yes. any help please.
  7. S

    Limit message from MsgBox only to when related cells change (not any cell))

    Hello, everyone. This is my first post! And I'm also brand spanking new to VBA, so bear with me. First, I'll explain what I'm trying to do. I manage a work order system in Excel and I want to pop up a message to the users inputting new work requests that alerts them if their requested...
  8. L

    MsgBox when user attempts to copy/paste

    Hello and thanks for your time. [I am using Microsoft Office 2013] I have prevented users from copying/pasting within a worksheet with the following VBA code (found online): Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Application.CutCopyMode = False...
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    run-time error 91 on Msg Box Code

    Hi all. I hope you can help I have a piece of code that is producing a run time error 91 I am trying to get a MsgBox to tell me if there is a sheet in my workbook called "In Progress" or else that is not in my workbook but it is creating an error on this line If = "In...
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    Auto run Macro on Startup Conflict

    This is my first time posting on the forum, so I want to go ahead and thank you all for the support that you have given me so far. I am very new to VBA & Macros, so if my question seems silly, I apologize. I have tried researching this, but I cannot find an answer. Here is what I have: I am...
  11. P

    Excel VBA code question regarding Message Box

    Hi, I've got a question regarding VBA coding and the message box functions. currently I've got a string of information (where the goal is not to have a message, all messages displayed are error messages). However if my string is empty/blank (so no errors) is there a way to say "no error...
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    Can you restric when a macro is able to run

    so if there is a date that is defined in range a1 that is within 48hrs then the macro wont run? and offers a MsgBox instead? many thanks jamie
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    Object not found from inputbox; need to handle error

    My input box fills the inboxfldr in this code Set Fldr = olNs.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Folders(inboxfldr). If the object isn't found the vba gives a run time error. I want to suppress that error, prompt a message box that folder isn't found and just re-promt my inputbox. Looking for some...
  14. A

    Error/Msg Box to appear if Cells dont match

    Hi All, I have a sheet where employees submit weekly activity figures. They enter figures in section A and Section B where the totals are in Cell A25 and A60. At the end they then click a button (in a macro called "Submit")to submit the figures. What i want is a message or error box to pop up...
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    Help please, VBA userform, MsgBox() ?

    Hello. I have a userform that I use to introduce some data on Excel. Most of the data must be filled (that are textbox that the verifications dont need the information to do the calculations), because if they are not filled the rest of the Worksheet cant do the verifications that I need...
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    VBA MsgBox code needed for skipping portion of code

    Good afternoon everyone. I need to put in a pop up box in my VBA code to have it ask the user if they want to do something. They can click Yes or No Yes: continues as normal No: skips a section of the code I did a few tries at this and keep getting an error. I know this is simple. Can...
  17. P

    Changing the color of part of a string

    I am trying to write code which changes the color of text added to a string through an input box. It works great if I only have to add colored text to the cell once, but when I try and add any more information through the input box it resets the color of all the text. What I want to do is keep...
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    MACRO to save out '.txt. file

    Hi All, I am looking for a macro which will save out the DATA RANGE as a '.txt' file and for the filepath to be a msgbox pop-up for the user to browse and pick the correct folder to choose where the new '.txt' file should be saved. The new '.txt' filename can be "test". DATA RANGE: starts in...
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    Enter Text in Name box in VB Code help needed

    I need too make a code too make the following dialog box.. could someone PLEASE give me the code? Excel Help Forum
  20. D

    Importing data matching named range

    Hi everyone out there in Excel help land. After a hard day trying and failing to get some-where with some VBA code I was hoping for some advice. My VBA coding ability is intermediate at best and in a previous life I used to get by simply walking across the office to troubleshoot with some...

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