1. N

    rename the active sheet name after concatenate three criteria in vba

    Hi I am not able to change active sheet based on 3 criteria, I have done with first 2 criteria but third one is not able do do. 1- change tab name according the active workbook 2 should be add MTD in Sheet name 3- Add Month name (MMM) based on next sheet cell value. Example:- my file name is...
  2. A

    Need to Have MTD and YTD Calculations at the same time in a Single Pivot Table

    Dear Forum, I have a report where I need to show the Sales Performance in the MTD as well as YTD format. MTD- Month TO Date and YTD- Year To Date Numbers in the same report. I have a certain number of Files for a period beginning from 1-Jan-17 till 31-Mar-19. In India we refer the business from...
  3. P

    Filter and delete rows based on date prior to Current Month

    Trying to delete any rows that have a date prior to the 1st day of the current month. When I debug.print my variable MTD it gives the date 8/1/2018, but then when I filter and delete rows it goes haywire. Any advice? Sub MTDapps() With Sheets("Table") Rows.Sort Range("J2")...
  4. R

    Copying Range from Closed Workbook

    Hi, I am looking to copy values from a specific range in a closed workbook/worksheet into a specific worksheet in the main workbook. The closed workbook is not in the same folder path. I am looking for the user to select the file. The workbook name that has the values is named MTD with...
  5. S

    Need to make Loop in Worksheet & Workbook

    I am new in VBA & start to learn it. I have Workbook name Primary Flash (MTD & YTD) and this Workbook have 6 Sheets and in all sheets, there are North, West, East & South Zone Data in Field (Region) I need to filter data from every sheets from Zone wise & paste in Anther Workbooks where same 6...
  6. J

    Looking for quoicker method with "cell.Formula = Replace(cell.Formula"

    Hi there, is there an quicker method to perform the following on 'ActiveSheet"? Thank You For Each cell In ActiveSheet.Range("h2:h" & lr) cell.Formula = Replace(cell.Formula, "ACA", "ACA/52") cell.Formula = Replace(cell.Formula, "ACB", "ACB/18") cell.Formula = Replace(cell.Formula, "ACG"...
  7. K


    Hello, I'm trying to build a formula that sums up the YTD budget using an account and a date. I got the MTD budget using the following: =INDEX(A1:G4,MATCH(A7,A1:A4,0),MATCH(A6,A1:G1,0)) How do I sum the January through May amounts using 2 variables? <tbody> 1/31/18 2/28/18 3/31/18...
  8. E

    Calculating YTD, MTD for large dataset

    Hello, I am attempting to calculate the YTD, MTD, CYTD and revenue to date for a very large data set which spans the past three years. I have included a small sample below and welcome suggestions on the best way to achieve this. Kind regards, Esther <tbody> Year Month Banker Segment Product...
  9. S

    Creating MTD formula (DAX)

    Hi I have the formula below that tells me what the current month is. I use it in slicers and filters. What I would like is a dax formula for MTD. IE on the 28th of the month I would need all sales from 1-28. I would like to use a slicer or filter for it. Maybe "CURRENT MTD"...
  10. D


    Hey Everyone! I could use some assistance in getting past a wall I've come upon. I'm needing to calculate the MAX value of a column after scrubbing the top 10% & bottom 10% from a separate staffed column using a Percentile formula. These two Formulas are pulling the Top & Bottom Staffed...
  11. T

    MTD target calculator

    Hello, Could anyone help me. I'm not very good at Excel and need the formula's for the following. My target for the month needs to be split by the number of workings days and then the MTD figure worked out depending on date input. I will enter the Income figure daily but I need everything else...
  12. C

    Picking Month to date figure

    Hi, Can anyone tell how to calculate current month data based on following table I need to display MTD figure for the month of July and when September comes up and I paste data then it automatically show September data in MTD column <b>Excel 2010</b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all"...
  13. S

    Week to date sales

    Hi I'm looking to sum week to date sales. And MTD sales year over year. I have to data in power pivot and have created a pivot table. So I'm fine with creating an excel formula to get the results. Or if needed using a DAX function. My data starts at B4 with the date 05/01/17 B C...
  14. C

    Month To Date SUMIFS formula calculating incorrectly

    Hi, I'm using the following SUMIFS formula to calculate a running MTD figure from data in column B based on dates in column J and names in column I: =SUMIFS('RawRevenueData-(Nov)'!B:B,'RawRevenueData-(Nov)'!J:J,">="&DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),1),'RawRevenueData-(Nov)'!I:I,"Federal...
  15. M

    MTD and YTD in a running total

    As stated in a previous thread I am creating a KPI dashboard for my company. In this dashboard there are 24 data sheets that connect to the dashboard that can be viewed by the week of MTD or YTD. One of the data sheets is for a client count which is a running total. Which obviously doesn't work...
  16. M

    Calculating LY MTD Sales

    I am trying to figure out how to write a formula that will allow me to report LY MTD sales. The problem is that I have the entire drop of data for all of 2012 already dumped into the LY sales tab. I tried doing a sumifs function (as there are multiple attributes to be met in order to the get the...
  17. K

    MTD Budget Numbers /

    My month to date budget number is a calculation of DAILY BUDGET X Days COMPLETED in the month. ( January has 22 working days) Daily budget = 60,000 (Static Number derived from a separate calculation) X Days Completed (5) ____________________ MTD Budget of 300,000 Tomorrow the formula would...
  18. A

    Calculating what % of the month has passed thus far

    Hello dear forum members, I was wondering if there's a way to calculate what % of the month has passed thus far. For instance, if August has 31 days and today is the 26th, 83% of the month has passed already. Any ideas? Thank you in advance :)
  19. T

    Running percentage in Pivot Table by Date

    I work in a call center and my agents are graded multiple times per month on 13 different categories. Two of them are Opening and Closing. Values Row Labels Sum of Opening % Sum of Closeing % 12/4/2011 100.00% 50.00% 12/5/2011 80.00% 40.00% Grand Total 88.89%...

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