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    Multi Level Pivot Table Average vs. Sum

    I have a scoring table for work group of work items completed. Based on that they have two set of scores that are combined for a weighted score. The Pivot table Rows are set up with manager first, then associate. The scores for the associate are calculated by Calculated Field based on several...
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    Multi-level doughnut chart in Excel 2013

    Hi All I'm hoping you may be able to help with an issue I'm experiencing when trying to create a multi-level doughnut chart using Excel 2013. It's a work project and I've modified an existing file that contains all of the income and expenditure during a month. It tracks a variety of data...
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    Macro code

    I am working with a macro. It puts in data on a Sheet with Selection Criteria, and the report runs. It then prints the sheet with the results for that criteria. It then goes to the next Product ID and does the same thing, over and over till the end. The problem is that all of this must be...

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