multi select list box

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    Update Information with Multi Select List Box

    Hi all !!! I am just starting off with VBA and have made a couple of userforms, but ran into a question when trying to update the information based on multiple selections in a ListBox. I have a userform that shows in a list box all of the jobs that are due this week, if for some reason I do...
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    Single select recognition in a multi select dropdown list

    I am very new to coding in excel and I've run into a problem. I have created a workbook to help me log and run data on my internship hours. I have to have them organized by semester and also by standard (there are 6), however some activities include more than one standard, so I have a multi...
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    Excel VBA, Userform, Listbox, Multi Select, Retrieve results

    Good Afternoon - Very new to VBA. I have managed to create an advanced userform with multiple values, text boxes, combo boxes, multi select list boxes. I can copy this data into excel. I can also retrieve the data for the Text Boxes, and Combo boxes back into the User form search for a...
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    Multiselect ListBox Problem

    Hi All, Can someone please assist me. I have created a multi select listbox in VBA that will create new workbooks based on the user selection of listbox items. I have written the following code which works great for single selections. However if index item 0 and 1 are selected two new workbooks...
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    Excel userform with multiple selection checkbox

    Hi, I'm red raw to excel and trying to make a userform that uses a multi-select checkbox in a listbox. I've searched the net and been able to copy code from tutorials etc. to make my form and input my data eventually. The only problem is the multiselect checkbox won't populate my worksheet...
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    Multi select Listbox loses all selections after first loop

    I have a user form with 2 multi select listboxes populated with named ranges. The first works fine and loops through all the selected scouts. I can select multiple items in the second list (ReqList) and it will find the first selected item, execute the code to write a value correctly then loop...
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    Multi Select but only allow 2 to be selected

    I have a userform with a multi select listbox. however i would like to customize how it works 1. i would like to only allow one or two entries to be selected no more a msgbox that says "you can only select one or two Dates" then clear the last selected would be great. Below is the code...
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    Calculating multi select in a combo box

    I have been trying to find a solution to calculate this example scenario: I am trying to create a work order estimate worksheet where a user can use this to calculate how much the work will cost based on which employee or employees are performing the job, how many hours it will take to perform...

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