1. P

    VBA open excel workbooks (without them popping up), and then copying one line item to a master sheet.

    Good Afternoon, Hoping for some help here, I clearly don't know what I am doing. Here is the goal: To update my master spread sheet. I am trying to implement a new project tracker, this will be an excel sheet, named exactly the same thing, for EVERY job. It has a table in it on a hidden...
  2. L

    in PQ can we merge multi sheets in Multi Workbook at same time

    Hi all i have 5 files for 5 regions each files contains From 4 to 10 sheets ( each sheet for Product sales Anaysis ) i merged it by my PQ File file then i use PQ also to Merge it all in one file that is mean i use PQ 5 times for 5 files then i use it again to merge it all in one file can...
  3. A

    multi criteria multi result lookup

    trying to adapt to work for me. my version of the formula is: =INDEX($AK$7:$AK$15, SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($AG$5,$AJ$7:$AJ$15)*COUNTIF($AG$6,$AJ$7:$AJ$15)*COUNTIF($AG$7,$AJ$7:$AJ$15)...
  4. Skybluekid

    Multi Level Category Graph

    Hi All, Are able to produce a Multi Level Category Graph with Power BI?
  5. R

    Multi level sort on a dynamic range

    Good afternoon...again. :) I'm surprised I can't find some already built code on how to do a multi level sort on a dynamic data range...but I've not found any so far, so I have to bother everyone here again. My header row is on row 7; I have 7 columns, and I need to sort first by column B...
  6. B

    IF(AND(OR multiple step fx including positive and negative integers

    <tbody> w x y z aa 8 251 -108 159 9 -231 118 -149 10 </tbody> What is the correct way to enter the following multi step fx to satisfy the following: In cell Z8 = IF W8 is > 0 AND X8 < 0, OR IF W8 < 0 AND X8 > 0, AND X8 <=-150, THEN 1, "" In cell AA8 = IF W8 is > 0 AND X8 <0...
  7. S

    copy the contents of a multicolumn listbox to a single cell on a worksheet

    Is there as way of sending the contents of a Multi Column Listbox to a single cell in a worksheet. I am currently using the following code to send data from a Userform to Worksheet, but for some reason the data from my Multi Column listbox does not transfer over. The data is a combination of...
  8. H

    Color on Multi page in User form....

    Hey Excel Guru's I need some Help to change Colour if Multi page is Activated By Double-click on Specific cell.... All the Function with Double-click works it's the Colour Part i need... example I Double click on Cell "B1" then the Multi page side Should Change Background - Colour So that...
  9. J

    Show & Hide Rows - Depending on value (Automatic Change, buttonless)

    Hey people, Just started using vba and this site has really helped me! So I thought I'd try asking with this; I'm wanting to set up a page on excel so that when B15 reads a value, it reveals the corresponding amount of rows on the page. The Values in B15 are drop box selections of: - Single -...
  10. S

    Excel macro to find all that match key not just the first when looking for differences

    I am trying to compare two file. I receive a file once a week. And I need to compare last week’s file to this week’s file. I have them both in the same file on two different tabs. One called Old and the other is called New. I need to look at these two file and see where the Location has...
  11. A

    Salary - medianifs and quartileifs in excel mac

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the median salary based on a set of conditions - job code = 42, school type = single site. Sample data: <style><!--table {mso-displayed-decimal-separator:"\."; mso-displayed-thousand-separator:"\,";}@page {margin:.75in .7in .75in .7in; mso-header-margin:.3in...
  12. Skybluekid

    Dynamic Multi Level Column Graph

    Hi all, I am after a way to create a dynamic multi level graph, without using a Pivot Table. What i would like is the graph to change, when selecting the month, to show category, depot, fine type, Registration. I have no issue in creating a static multi level graph, but as the data changes...
  13. A

    How to select a particular line in multi line text box

    Hello All, Need help on how to select a particular line in multi line text box. I have a text box with multi line which contains several line with name of countries. I perform single click on one of the country and expect that particular line will be highlighted. Followup action will be delete...
  14. 3

    Multi select macro running slowly

    Hoping someone can help with my first attempt at a multi select macro. The single version runs in less than a second but using this code to multi select it now takes up to 5 sec for each. Figure it is something to do with how I am getting them from the array. vaFiles =...
  15. M

    Multi Sheets

    Hi I am using the following SUMIF('01012019'!$I$1:$I$1000,"GRID",'01012019'!$F$1:$F$1009) I need to pick up info from each tab on my sheet dating 01012019 to 31012019. my question is : Is there an easy way to do this ?? Or would I have to go into every sheet. Thanks
  16. L

    multi column address data base i would like to break down

    I have a large multi column address data base i would like to break down into county groups by loading in lists of the individual municipalities. how do i write a reusable function/formula in excel that mimics this query? "city" contains Arkport OR Atlanta OR Avoca OR Cohocton OR Dansville OR...
  17. M

    multi item drop down items and non-multi item drop down lists on the same page

    I have multiple cells with drop down lists created using data validation. I would like some of them to have a multi item option and some to be single item choice. The VBA code I am using is applicable to an entire sheet and makes all of the drop downs multi item. Is there a way to specify...
  18. Trevor3007

    Run VBA

    hi i have taken ownership of a workbook . I need the VBA to run upon opening the file can someone advise on how to do this? I thought I just had add the applicable into 'thisworkbook' but it does not run upon opening:banghead: MTIA & KR Trevor3007:cool:
  19. Trevor3007

    multi attachements

    hi is there some code that will all to attach multi attachments in one go (normally would select items & copy ) for outlook. At the moment the VB I have/use only allows 1 at a time to be attached! MTIA & KR Trevor3007
  20. A

    Userform multi tabs

    Hi all I am unsung Excel 2013. I have an userform with textboxes. I have created some multiple pages underneath the main userform textboxes. However when I click the tabs in the multi pages, the screen moves and only shows the content of the multi pages. I would like to keep the main form...

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