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    Data transfer from one sheet to another multiple cells

    Good day, I am trying to create an auto-generated log on a new sheet that is based off of data entered from a previous sheet. What I am wanting is when a single cell on the master sheet is modified (in this case a choice is made from a drop down list), a copy of certain cells in that row would...
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    scattered data import into on worksheet

    I have been researching the solution to this problem for several days with no results that match my problem. I am hoping it is possible and I have come here in hopes that someone will know. I am using Excel 2007 but have access to Excel 2010. My boss has been using an Excel sheet as a template...
  3. B

    Combining Cells in One Column Based on Another Column

    Hi - I am hoping someone might be able to help me with this problem. I currently have a spreadsheet that has 4 columns. I want to review the information in column A and if it matches, I want to combine the cells in column D into one cell for the matches in column A. Here is an example of the...
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    Running Event Handler Change with Multiple cells

    Hi Members After a couple of research I was able to make the code below, where basically I need the macro to run either the change happen in cell A5 or G23, but when I run it I got "Ambigous Name Deteted" error. Also in the same worksheet I have another Worksheet Change event, so I don't know...
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    Conditional Formatting for a row using data in multiple cells

    Hi there, I'm trying to color a row of data based on the data in multiple cells. To be specific, I want to color Row 2 red when J2 is blank AND when any of A2-I2 are not blank ( (so either A2, B2, C2, D2, E2, F2, G2, H2, or I2 are not blank) . Then I want to apply this to the whole document...
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    separate values from 1 cell to 2

    I've searched for the answer here and have come to the conclusion that I do not know the correct terminology to aptly search my question. Uploaded here is a sheet that shows our product line, UPC codes, description, etc. In row 2, 3, 4 I've edited to the correct format that I need the rest of...
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    Vlookup with multiple cells

    I have a sheet containing work tasks and associated hazards: <TBODY> Task1 Hazard 1 Control 1 Hazard 2 Control 2 Hazard 3 Control 3 Task 2 Hazard 4 Control 4 Hazard 5 Control 5 </TBODY> For each task there may be up to 6 separate hazards. In a new sheet i want to select the Task...
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    Conditional formatting, multiple cells

    Hi, I'm setting a rule in "Conditional formatting Rules Manager": Formula: =$D3="hello" Format: color change Applies to: =$A$3:$J$3 I'm trying to set "Applies to": =$A3:$J3, but its just changing to =$A$3:$J$3 when I apply. That means I cant copy/paste that cell. I want D4 to have...
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    Formula to incude multiple requirments in different cells

    Hi, I would like a cell to show either OK or No depending on the requirements of three other cells as below G4 is the cell to show a value. For OK a date in G6 must be more than todays date, a tick must be in F6 and a date in D6 must also be more than todays date. I can get G4 to do each...
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    Macro to name ranges based on the value of two other cells

    Hi, I know it should be simple enough, and I have seen many similar Q&As on this sort of topic. But I couldn't find one that solved it for me, and I couldn't work it out by myself. VBA is not my strength (yet). I want to name hundreds of ranges. I don't want to type the name myself. Ideally I...
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    Need to sort file so that cells that have a certain column blank come first

    I have an Excel file with about 30,000 cells in it. Here's an example of what the file looks like here. And I need it to be sorted like this. To explain further, If someone's name(B) or plan number (A) has blank cells AND additional names under the "Beneficiary Name" column (F), I want these...
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    Question about Tables ?

    Hi, I am creating a spreadsheet to track customers contact information and purchase history. A B C D 1 First Name Last Name Phone Number Etc. 2 Mike Jones 3 I wanted to know if theres a way to click on a customer (say Mike...
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    VBA to search Multiple Cells for Multiple Values in Multiple Rows to Compare and Add missing Values if Necessary

    The issue I am having has me perplexed and I can't seem to get it right. Maybe I have just been looking at it too long. I have a list of cells that are item numbered. These item numbers range from 1000 - 10000. Each item number contains data relevant to that item. What I am trying to do is...
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    help with multiple worksheet_calculate on same sheet_mail with outlook

    Hello, This is my first time using macros; and I gotta say, it is very interesting and fun I have found out, but I am stumped. I searched all over this forum for hours looking for a way to run multiple worksheet_calculates on the same sheet. The code below shows a specific cell triggering an...
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    Returning All Values that occur when a loookup should see multiple items in list

    Hi I'm trying to run what I might call a "multiple vlookup" so something like this happens: <tbody> A B 1 12 Green45 2 45 Green36 3 95 Green48 4 12 Green71 5 12 Blue10 6 12 Blue92 7 95 Red84 8 45 Red63 9 45 Red88 </tbody> [On another sheet] When I have a value "12" in a...
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    IF Multiple Cells to give a set response

    Hello long time reader, 1st time poster:I have a spreadsheet which uses =F to give set responses i.e. Cell H35= =IF((G7-G35)=0,"No Issue",IF((G7-G35)>=1,"System/Paperwork do not Match",IF((G7-G35)<0,"System/Paperwork do not Match",))) I want a cell that will display "Issue identified" when...
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    Sort out lists with VLOOKUP

    Hello everybody, I would like to let excel sort out two lists for me with item ID's, revisions and last saved date. i think it's possible with the VLOOKUP function but i don't know for sure. Please look at the example below and let me know if it's possible to do this by excel formula's...
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    Find text string Across Multiple Cells in a Row

    Hi, I want to see if a text string is contained in any the text in any cell in a row i tried : =FIND("gift",A3:U3,1) Did not work. I tried defining a name for the range and putting it where there range is in the formula, also did not work. Any ideas for doing this in a formula ? I feel like...
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    Insert values into multiple cells

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help me out with a problem I am having, still fairly new to VBA! I have a User form with a ComboBox "SKUNumberComboBox" which has a list of SKU Numbers and I have a Date Picker "DTPicker1" were I can pick a date and I also have a TextBox "ExtraDaysTextBox" were I enter...
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    Lookup retrieving multiple values

    Hi! I am trying to use a lookup to find the quantity of a certain fabric. However, more than one style uses the same type of fabric. Is there a way to do a lookup that retrieves multiple values? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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