multiple cells

  1. A

    Converting in to mm

    I have been tasked to convert inches to mm in a huge excel document and I am only able to convert once cell at a time and I would like to be able to convert everything at once or a cell range. Converting formula I have is =CONVERT(2.75, "in","mm") Is there a way to use that in a range rather...
  2. B

    Enter data

    Hello ALL, I hope you can help me. I have created a workbook in VBA in order to calculate marks for my class. It uses multiple worksheets from which data is pulled in, in order to come out with a final grade for my students. I introduced the program to my staff, and they loved it. Now I am...
  3. S

    Pasting Conditional Formats, Relative, To Multiple Cells

    Well, either Excel 2010 operates very differently from previous, or I have forgotten a huge amount about working with conditional formats. I have two columns (J & K) with dates in them (Formatted mm/dd/yyyy). If the date in column K is later than the date in column J, I want the cell to turn...
  4. andrewb90

    change formulas in multiple cells at once

    Hi all, I am trying to change the formulas that are in several hundred cells all at once. Every formula's cell reference needs to increase by 140. (i,e, if cell b1 has the formula "=Mon!D20" it should say "=Mon!D160") Is there an easy way to do this with retyping everything? Not all of the...
  5. F

    IF function help

    I have a large spreadsheet I'm working on and here's what I want to do: IF a particular cell has "x" value in it, then I want to multiply a corresponding cell with a pre-filled in dollar value by .45 and place that calculation in a different cell. Example: If cell A1="636" then multiply the...
  6. D

    concatenate strings in multiple cells based on criteria, without actually using concatenate

    Hi, I would like to generate a string by concatenating cells from a header (first row of cells), based on whether the cells beneath the header meet certain criteria. For example, in the worksheet below, the number 2 is repeated beneath the headers c, 1, 2, 3. So, the formula I need should...
  7. F

    Extracting numbers from multiple cells in a range

    So I need to extract numbers from multiple cells withing a range, having added them up. The current extract number function I found only works for one cell at a time. Function ExtractNumber(Target As Range) As Variant Dim i As Integer Dim str1 As String For i = 1 To Len(Target) If...
  8. L


    I am trying to do a formula to count the number of rows that have a certain value in two different columns. For example, if the person in row 1 has a value of 3 in column b and 1 in column c, I want them counted. I have done =COUNTIF(B:B,3)+COUNTIF(C:C,1), but that counts all of the people...
  9. AT--o

    Large with multiple n's

    Hi guys, Im trying to show the three largest numbers. =Large((A1:C1,F1:H1),(1,2,3))The following works but a want it the simplest possible =Concatenate(Large((A1:C1,F1:H1),1),Large((A1:C1,F1:H1),2),Large((A1:C1,F1:H1),3)Thanks
  10. S

    XML mapping to multiple cells

    hi, I am trying to map an XML elements to multiple cells in a workbook and MS Excel is not allowing this. I would really appreciate if somebody can tell me of how to do the multiple cell mapping. Thanks, Antony
  11. S

    How to Map XML elements to Multiple Excel cells

    Hi All, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am trying to import XML data to different sheets in a workbook.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Is it possible to map an XML element to multiple individual cells and repeating cells in a...
  12. W

    VBA help: need to transfer 130 cells to memory and back

    Hello, I am very new to VBA and am trying to write a simple procedure which will "record" the formulas from 130 adjacent (dimensions: 1 row, 130 columns) to memory. Then I want to multiply all the formulas by a factor, record the change in an output variable and finally replace the altered...
  13. J

    How to hide rows based on multiple cell values

    :) Hi I need a macro to hide the entire row when all the cells of that row ="" also, the rows need to be able to unhide/rehide themselves when the data is updated. THANKS! :)
  14. J

    Lokking for solution to using multiple references to revael an answer.

    Hi, I'm new to all of this, and it can become a bit daunting at times, but what I'd like is some help in setting up a formula to enable the correct reference when multiple cells are used as references. As you can see, I have 4 divisions in a local eight ball pool comp. Within each division...
  15. M

    Function that checks multiple cells for a value, then returns a value

    I need to create a formula that will check 3 separate cells (K2,N2,Q2). If K2 has a value in it and no values in N2 or Q2, then it would return a 1. If K2 & N2 have a value and no value in Q2, it would return a 2. If K2, N2 & Q2 all have values, it would return a 3. If K2, N2 & Q2 are blank...
  16. J

    Seperating numbers on 1 cell to multiple cells

    Hello, I have multiple cells that contain 5 set of numbers that are separated by dashes. Example: 10-11-17-20-26 These set of numbers are on 1 cell only. Exp: A1 I would like to separate these numbers. I would like 10 to be displayed on A1, 11 on B1, 17 on C1, 20 on D1 and 26 on E1. Is...
  17. J

    Elegant Solution for Searching for Multiple Strings in Multiple Cells using NAME?

    Hi everyone - I currently have a working Excel Workbook that I am using to search multiple cells for an array of strings. I have condensed the strings in the array for purposes of posting on this site (there are dozens of strings to search for). Ideally, I'd like to put all the text in the...
  18. C

    Apply value to multiple cells

    I need a formula that states if cell F8=3, then K8, P8, U8, Z8, AE8, and AJ8=0 (if F8 is any other number, the other cells are left blank). I can't write the formula with K8:AJ8, as there are hidden columns in-between with other formulas. HELP?
  19. F

    Call a Macro for Long List of Cells

    I'm making a worksheet witch included a popup calendar. So when I select a cell with tab, the arrows or by clicking it, it calls my macro. It's a macro named "OpenCalendar" that I previously made witch works fine. My 1st question is, how can I call my macro for a long list of cells. Here's...
  20. M

    Highlighting all duplicate values across multiple worksheets

    Hi, first off I must apologize for being new to this. I'm having an issue, similar to some I've seen here. First problem: I'm trying to Highlight duplicated cells across multiple (6) worksheets. The data is always in column 4 and it has to be exactly the same for it to highlight. Second...

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