multiple choice

  1. L

    Analysis and comparison of trends in Multiple Choice response data

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, and I just joined the forum after searching around and learning a few things about setting up my data entry table for later analysis of survey responses. I'm pretty excited about learning how to do calculations with Excel I've never even considered...
  2. E

    Processing multiple command buttons in a userform - best practice

    I am currently attempting to enhance a VBA macro that produces multiple sheets of data from an input data file which are used for task management purposes. Because so many sheets are generated, my users wish to have the option to selectively print the contents based on a number of different...
  3. L

    Multiple choice quiz grading (true +1p, false -0,5p, blank +0p)

    Hello, my problem is following: I have a quiz with 40 questions and with only 1 correct answer for each question. My students will submit their answers on paper and I would like to input them into excel in order to produce statistical data swiftly. I am unsure about implementing this, because...
  4. andrewb90

    Getting data sorted without entering it multiple times

    I have a sales contest and everybody has a different partner to sell with each week. I want to be able to have a list of names and in each row select who the current partner is and what they and how many they sold (i,e, salad, soda, pizza, dessert.) with their partner. i would like to only enter...
  5. L

    Analyze SharePoint multiple values field in an Excel pivot table

    I have a SharePoint list with a Choice field that will allow multiple values. I would like to be able to analyze the data in an Excel pivot table. There are no problems exporting the SharePoint list to Excel, however when the Choice fields (that permit multiple values) are exported they are...
  6. Ype

    Generate the number of an optionbutton in a cell

    I want to create a multiple choise test in MS Excel 2007. A question is stated on top of the groupbox. 3 Optionbuttons are in that box and hold the answers in the caption. To create a list so i can compare questions and answers i create two collums; one containing the correct number of the...

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