multiple columns

  1. 3

    VLOOKUP 2 columns without CONCENATE or & possible?

    Hey All, I would have a basic question. I have a 2 sheets that have more columns, I want to do a VLOOKUP, but based on two cells. The target table where I search has also two columns, which give the clear identification. Can I use VLOOKUP without putting an extra Concenate column or using & " "...
  2. G

    Sorting data into multiple columns

    I have a batch of data in several columns of different information. One of the columns is a label for the team name "Red" or "Blue" I want to sort the information for each team in a separate columns for that team. I have the code that will copy/paste the information I want into the columns I...
  3. D

    Help with Checkboxes on userform

    Hi! Here's the scenario: I want to have multiple check-boxes on my user form (around 16 options) but I can only have 4 selected that will go into either column F,G,H or I. It doesnt matter which they go into, but it thats where they need to go. I am fairly new to vba and have no idea the code...
  4. D

    Trouble Updating Master Worksheet with VLOOKUP Sums.

    I have a master worksheet containing two main columns. Column A lists our most popular products. Column B lists the current inventory of each of the products in column A. The values in Column B are culled using VLOOKUP from across multiple worksheets, in numerous spreadsheets, located in...
  5. A

    Data from columns - counting multiple occurrence of values in cells & displaying the columns of occurence

    Hi All I have just joined this forum as i have been a following many posts for my queries, have found your expertise and advice very useful for many issues. I have been scratching my head on the following data spreadsheet 'Master Recall' for more than a week without any positive outcome...
  6. F

    Hide rows based on criteria over multiple columns

    Hello, I need help with a code that will search each cell across 4 columns and hide the row only if all cells are blank. The macro should search columns "b", "c", "e", and "f" to display all rows where at least one of the cells has a value. Ex. Col.B Col.C Col.D...
  7. 1

    Transposing Several Rows Into Multiple Columns

    Hi everyone. I've been searching for a thread about this query but all I found refer to Multiple Rows to Single Columns and the like. I need help in transposing Several Rows into Multiple Columns and I would appreciate if it's in a formula format and not VBA. The table looks like this...
  8. M

    How to find Value using 2 rows as a reference

    We're trying to find a pipe size in a row, that corresponds to a value of flow within a table (which is found by matching an input flow with a table), see example below. For example, a value for kvs and DN are input by user, the user then inputs desired flow rate which needs to match...
  9. M

    Splitting a Workbook by Values in Two Columns

    Hi, I'm trying to split a workbook by the values in two different columns. I have a workbook that has letters in column J (A-R) and numbers in column K (1-10). I can succesfully use the code here: to...
  10. R

    Count text in Column B based on criteria in Column A?

    I have attempted to research this issue on Google but I can't seem to word the issue properly and therefore unable to find an answer - even in this forum. THE SETUP: I have a list of places in Column A. Each place may appear multiple times depending on Column B. Column B contains text titles...
  11. G

    Multiple Columns in Pivot Table (but don't show in Pivot Chart)

    Hi All! I'm creating a pivot table that feeds data into a pivot chart and it's all working just fine, but I'm having a problem formatting the pivot chart. In my pivot table, I want to have multiple value columns displayed in the table. However I only want one of the value columns to be...
  12. C

    Is it possible to delete cells rather than rows/columns?

    Is it possible to delete cells rather than rows/columns? I will have 2 columns of data (peoples names) what im wanting to do is be left with the same 2 columns of data WITHOUT the duplications. eg Current Names List......New List of Names Bloggs, Joe ................Smith, John Brown, Jim...
  13. J

    Comparing Two Columns

    Hello All, I'm currently conducting UAT and need to find a way to automatically track our metrics. We have a number of procedures, each represented by a unique code. Each code may have multiple steps and therefore multiple lines in the database. Each step has it's own status. See sample below...
  14. E

    Sum multiple columns using multiple criteria

    Hi All- I'm looking to create a formula that I'm not sure is possible. In my spreadsheet template I have company departments in Column C4:C500 and projects in rows F3:AZ3. The actual proj ID in F3:AZ3 will vary by spreadsheet, but I have a separate Master sheet that has all projects and all...
  15. W

    Extract data based on various dates (within a range) in multiple columns.

    Hi All, I have a question that is stumping me! I use Excel 2003 (but present to other using 2007) on Windows 7 (others use 2000 & XP) I need to present the following: Extract ONLY records (row entries) that have had training between certain dates (for a month end audit). Everyone has a...
  16. C

    Multiple columns/sheets - count,sumproduct - who knows??

    Hi All I have 2 sheets: Sheet 1 - all employee information Sheet 2 - list of select employees that failed to attend training course last week Sheet 1: Pay # / Employee Name / Attended? 12345 / John Smith / Yes 12345 / John Smith / No 12345 / John Smith / No 12345 / John Smith / Yes 45678...
  17. A

    Need Help with SUMPRODUCT

    I need a little help with the sumproduct formula. I have this data which gives the travelling patterns of people living in certain city. For each trip, all the modes they use are tabled in separate columns in the order of use, also there is a column for the purpose of travel which are...
  18. A

    Counting cells within two (or more) columns fulfilling particular criteria

    I have a database with multiple columns named age, sex, occupation etc. I need to make multiple tables from this data on a separate sheet. One example is: Age Category No. of Males in the category No. of Females in the category 0-3 4-5 6-9 10-15 16-21 22-24 Taking the same...
  19. J

    SUMPRODUCT multiple tabs and multiple columns for text

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to this whole Excel thing, but now I have a huge headache trying to figure this puppy out, so any help you can offer would be awesome. I have an excel sheet with 6 tabs, all containing different data, some text and some numerical. I need to perfect this formula to...
  20. J

    How do I Concatenate Multiple Rows or columns. (In my case 100)

    I have several rows of data that contains data in the following format. 123, abc, 456, def, 789, What I would like to do is Concatenate them all together to get the result 123,abc,456,def,789, I have a total of 100 rows like this that I am trying to concatenate. I have tried all sorts of...

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